* 2017-01-20

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

piwigo-forecast, commit db7eee25 by Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update br_FR, thanks to yves.kerleguer

piwigo-openstreetmap, commit 5cf30e2c by Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Add zh_CN, thanks to dennisyan

whois_online_menu, commit 31736 by TranslationTeam

* 2017-01-19

Ignore sessions-stored derivative type for PhotoSwipe data. Fixes #20.

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 3369d102 by Thomas Kuther

bump version

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit dc81dd9f by Thomas Kuther

okay, PWG_Stuffs containers are better than panels

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 97962388 by Thomas Kuther

move PWG_Stuffs into a panel, make it behave with the navbar position

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 8f242f16 by Thomas Kuther

fix UserCollections plugin on #thePicturePage

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 0ec76edd by Thomas Kuther

make UserCollections work and look good

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit a1808a7b by Thomas Kuther

move plugin fixes from theme.css to fixplugins.css (avoids the need for !important)

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 7d020f08 by Thomas Kuther

make sure bootstrap custom.css can override plugin fixes

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 9e2c6915 by Thomas Kuther

* 2017-01-15

Merge branch 'translation'

Social-Connect, commit 5d71fecb by mistic100

Fix #12 update Oauth2 client

Social-Connect, commit 3cf2bb78 by mistic100

* 2017-01-14

use html placeholder

piwigo-modus, commit 0dbee6cb by modus75

update version + space in template (striping white space could result in collated html elements)

piwigo-modus, commit 735c4867 by modus75

some combination of options on chrome disallow pressing the close button (z-order)

Fotorama, commit 31735 by rvelices

* 2017-01-13

Fix quick search (in php 0=='' but 0!=='') !!!

Piwigo, commit 828bb42c by modus75

* 2017-01-12

Add support for PWG Stuffs plugin from https://github.com/Philio/bootstrapdefault/pull/43 until Phil releases new version

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 208e3a6a by Thomas Kuther

add User Collection patch from https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/Philio/bootstrapdefault/pull/41 until Phil releases new version

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 69ecacc5 by Thomas Kuther

Add preview for bootswatch themes in admin panel

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 31197e35 by Thomas Kuther

Add full bootswatch distributions. Really fixes #19.

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 05f30e3c by Thomas Kuther

Revert "Add bootswatch CSS to the distribution and use combine_css. Fixes #19" We would need full distributions including fonts and js file. Too much hassle.

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 1204253a by Thomas Kuther

Add bootswatch CSS to the distribution and use combine_css. Fixes #19

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 3379f2f2 by Thomas Kuther

replace tabs by space for indentation

Piwigo, commit a5afce8a by plegall

feature #593, send image_ids as a coma separated string

Piwigo, commit 50860ffd by plegall

* 2017-01-10

issue 593 - batch manager block deletion; simpler php code + exact progress feed back ...

Piwigo, commit 37fc55e6 by modus75

Merge branch 'feature/593-delete-by-blocks'

Piwigo, commit bf5b50c9 by plegall

* 2017-01-09

feature #593, simplify detailed output for pwg.images.delete

Piwigo, commit 743bbb61 by plegall

feature #593, dynamic bloc size instead of fixed at 100.

Piwigo, commit edff7540 by plegall

feature #593, send image_ids as a coma separated string

Piwigo, commit 3fb56511 by plegall

feature #593, use the standard pwg_token available in the form

Piwigo, commit ba3ddf01 by plegall

* 2017-01-07

bump version

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 854c4721 by Thomas Kuther

add support for ProtectedAlbums plugin, fixes #16

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 01d0ca9b by Thomas Kuther


Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 51a5b9fe by Thomas Kuther

fix grid layout on tablets, jeeez

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 673953b5 by Thomas Kuther

revert last change, fix level separator o.O

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 0fbc25e4 by Thomas Kuther

strip footer scripts

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 17f1b275 by Thomas Kuther

always display home icon instead of text on index pages

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit f525e807 by Thomas Kuther

make conditionals more readable..

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 60571b52 by Thomas Kuther

Merge pull request #18 from KrisGielen/master

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit a2c024bf by Thomas Kuther

Merge pull request #1 from KrisGielen/KrisGielen-patch-1

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 4ba71e2b by KrisGielen

Update picture.tpl

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 28a7db73 by KrisGielen

make sure we hide .navbar-main when .navmenu is shown

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit c63efb34 by Thomas Kuther

add french translation, thanks Guillaume.

Bootstrap Darkroom, commit 868b0300 by Thomas Kuther

* 2017-01-04

fix PHPMailer smtp class loading when using SMTP transport (['smtp_host'] set) (#599)

Piwigo, commit c2b456ba by Thomas Kuther

bug #602, less strict check on section url parameter

Piwigo, commit f93a312e by plegall

* 2017-01-01

fixes #574, new checks on plugin section in URL

Piwigo, commit 9004fdfc by plegall

version 1.0.20 - see changelog for details

GDThumb, commit 31734 by SergeD

* 2016-12-31

version 1.2.28 - see changelog for details

greydragon, commit 31733 by SergeD

* 2016-12-30

greydragon, commit 31732 by SergeD

greydragon, commit 31731 by SergeD

greydragon, commit 31730 by SergeD

* 2016-12-29

update PHPMailer to 5.2.21 (#595)

Piwigo, commit beee647b by Thomas Kuther

* 2016-12-27

update PHPMailer to 5.2.19 (#594)

Piwigo, commit d94e9b6c by Thomas Kuther

* 2016-12-26

fixes #593, delete by blocks of 100 photos, with a progress bar

Piwigo, commit e6e7465b by plegall

fixes #586 session_start() error with PHP 7.1 Windows/IIS10

Piwigo, commit af347232 by modus75

fixes #592, typo on new button id prevent ajax action from working

Piwigo, commit 3a8b2672 by plegall

* 2016-12-24

fixes #575, sanitize user input before display on die()

Piwigo, commit 7df3830c by plegall