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  PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 0003231    uploadmajornew2015.07.09unable to drag'n drop from Ubuntu's unity file explorer - smb share - to Piwigo Web Form
 0003230    configurationmajornew2015.07.07Theme switch / Admin tools madness or conflict
 00027871   users & groupstweakassigned (plg)2015.07.06Générateur de mot de passe dans les formulaire de création
 0003227    image processingminornew2015.06.02wrong watermark on squares
 000318235 image processingfeaturenew2015.05.28Add Support for Raw Files and Generalize Support for Uploading Images
 0003224    photosminorassigned (plg)2015.05.25[Admin Tools, quick edit] forbid tag creation to non admin
 0003222    configurationminorassigned (flop25)2015.05.06[theme elegant] deactivate menu animation breaks javascript
 00032212   othermajorassigned (mistic100)2015.04.24Add a real logger
 0003220    metadataminorassigned (plg)2015.04.22read metadata from TIFF not from the pwg_representative
 0003219    image processingminorassigned (plg)2015.04.21missing thumbnail for TIFF on upload form
 00032172   bugtrivialassigned (plg)2015.04.21Allow m4v on upload
 0003218    synchronizationmajornew2015.04.09Normalize UTF-8 filenames before synchronization
 0003216    web APIfeatureassigned (plg)2015.04.04get/set album status public/private from API
 0003215    image processingminorassigned (plg)2015.03.31Grayscale photos + watermarks + IM 6.7 = altered contrast
 0003214    authenticationminornew2015.03.25Passing Http Basic Auth Credentials
 000321323 metadatatweaknew2015.03.20Convert IPTC location data to GPS
 00030966   authenticationmajornew2015.03.17URL protection for derivative images/item, not only for original image
 00032111   web APIcrashnew2015.03.16Can't give an order to pwg.tags.getImages
 0003210    albumsminorassigned (plg)2015.03.12display album description on all pages
 0002404    templatefeaturenew2015.03.12Make the category description available whenever the category name is
 0002914 1 albumsfeatureassigned (plg)2015.03.12Create Album Workflow
 00032081   uploadminornew2015.03.03getimagesize() on php on windows returns no width and height for mp4 files
 000320721 synchronizationcrashnew2015.02.25Photo causes synchronization to hang
 0003206    languageminornew2015.02.21Other language file than plugin.lang isn't loaded
 00026815   installation & upgrademinorassigned (plg)2015.02.18the message "a new version is available" still displayed after upgrade
 0003205    installation & upgrademajornew2015.02.16Installation Failure For MySQL > 5.7.4 with default mysql settings
 0003197    configurationminorassigned (plg)2015.02.16picture_ext and file_ext - case sensitivity
 00031022   users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2015.02.16User list Admin page: search
 000320421 users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2015.02.16[user manager] on Internet Explorer, bad position of the list
 000280121 othertweakassigned (plg)2015.02.11[Batch Manager] Find duplicates based on md5sum
 00031921   albumsfeaturenew2015.02.10photos sort order in album, move several at once
 0003199    albumsfeaturenew2015.02.10collapsible list of albums
 00030304   synchronizationcrashnew2015.02.10Sync fail with files containing ' (apostrophe) in filename
 00031961   pluginsmajornew2015.02.02[Virtualize] Permission error
 0003195    albumsminorassigned (plg)2015.02.02album sort by date, make obvious we use photo dates
 0003194 1 albumstweaknew2015.02.01Initial albums sorting by synchronization
 00031721   albumsfeaturenew2015.02.01Album sort order
 00031931   otherminornew2015.01.30Function add_url_params returns invalid encoded url
 0003191    configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2015.01.26use creation date for "recent photos" (instead of posted date)
 0003189 1 installation & upgradefeatureassigned (plg)2015.01.26Proxy support for update / install plugins and core of piwigo
 0003184    albumsmajornew2014.12.08Folders get duplicated by unknown reason
 0003181    image processingminornew2014.11.22pwg_representatives May not be Unique
 0003180    albumsminorassigned (plg)2014.11.22check for deleted albums in images_integrity()
 00027295   navigationminorfeedback2014.11.20Bad Request with $conf['picture_url_style'] = 'id-file'
 00031762   databaseminornew2014.11.16Image download through "Download this file" corrupted due to "<pre></pre>" at beginning of jpeg
 0003175    searchfeatureassigned (plg)2014.11.13option to perform an exact match on word search
 00031741   configurationminorassigned (plg)2014.11.12avoid using load_conf_from_db
 0003173    users & groupsminornew2014.11.12impossible to edit a user on touch screens (iPad)
 0003151 2 installation & upgrademajornew2014.11.03can't customize urls if PATH_INFO is undefined
 0003170    users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.11.03username with single quote can't connect
 0003169    authenticationminornew2014.11.02When using external authentication JSON fails when external users table has field named level
 00027582   synchronizationtweaknew2014.10.31Unable to synchronize directories starting with special names
 0003125 1 templateminorassigned (flop25)2014.10.28Missing password.tpl into smartpocket theme
 0003167    notificationminornew2014.10.28invisible character in the title of email?
 0003166    notificationminornew2014.10.28bad unescaping of characters
 00031641   web APIminorassigned (plg)2014.10.26PHP warnings befor json or xml output renders output unusable
 0003160    albumsminorassigned (plg)2014.10.14upload error not report to user with new HTML5 form
 00030522   tagsminorassigned (flop25)2014.10.14Tags for parent album without images
 0003161    tagsminornew2014.10.12Special letter "?" in tags doesn't works
 0003155    securityminorassigned (plg)2014.10.11prevent discovering hidden tags from URL
 0003154    uploadmajorassigned (plg)2014.10.11Hidding warning on php config stops upload tasks
 0003135    mobiletweakassigned (laurent_duretz)2014.10.11Le navigateur mobile n'est pas reconnu
 0003108    albumsmajornew2014.10.11Sorting won't work on the categories/flat page
 0003097    searchminorassigned (plg)2014.10.11adapt SmartPocket to new search template
 0003066    users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.10.11increase performances for sync_users
 0002935    photosmajoracknowledged2014.10.11[Smartpocket ] Not compatible with $conf['original_url_protection']
 00031462   users & groupsminorassigned (mistic100)2014.10.01User cannot change its theme
 00022823   securitytrivialnew2014.09.25Email address containing apostrophe invalid due to magic quotes
 0003144    mobileminorassigned (flop25)2014.09.22Enhancement request for ability to quickly download picture when using the Mobile Theme
 0003140    albumsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.09.16turn album date display into a user interface option
 0003137    databaseminornew2014.09.09md5sum is not saved if photos are uploaded with FTP
 00031064   otherfeatureassigned (mistic100)2014.09.01Batch Manager improvements
 0003081    photosfeaturenew2014.08.24Admin rating, filter by album
 0002990    albumsminornew2014.08.24photos sort order in album and AJAX load
 0002954    user commentsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.08.24direct link to user comments from main page
 0002952    configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2014.08.24ability to hide admin links on gallery side
 0002903    displayminorassigned (plg)2014.08.24maximum length of photo description in thumbnail tooltip as configuration setting
 0002850    othermajornew2014.08.24Delete pwg_high and thumbnails folders
 00027661   configurationminorassigned (plg)2014.08.24Set TimeZone for Piwigo History
 00026292   uploadfeaturenew2014.08.24Able to update pictures based on the filename
 00020814   albumsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.08.24options for photo deletion when deleting an album
 00030061   otherminorassigned (plg)2014.08.24mark visits from bots
 00031235   authenticationfeaturenew2014.08.24Allow easier sharing of URL with identification.php?redirect=...
 000061051 otherfeaturenew2014.08.14Add news from on admistration introduction page
 0003109    image processingcrashnew2014.08.07Imagick dont process relative path on Windows
 0003107    templatemajorassigned (mistic100)2014.07.30General template improvements
 0002972    templatefeaturenew2014.07.30Add Open Graph Metadata
 0003099    languageminorassigned (mistic100)2014.07.07use IntlDateFormatter in format_date
 0003000    mobileminorassigned (plg)2014.07.03Firefox OS smartphones not detected as mobile
 00028241   mobileminornew2014.07.03Failed to detect smartphone on Symbian with Opera Mobile
 0002795    mobileminornew2014.07.03Grum Plugins prevent mobile/desktop theme switch on iOS devices
 0003092    securityfeaturenew2014.06.16Resetting password should deactivate current user sessions
 00030711   image processingminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11Missing conf_update_param() used in
 0003064    user commentsminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11$conf['comments_page_nb_comments'] = 'all' breaks comments admin page
 00030631   users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11[user manager] unexpected sort order for usernames
 00028681   users & groupsminornew2014.06.11Status modification unable when a user is set as default user
 0003087    notificationfeatureassigned (plg)2014.06.05album notification, select users in addition to groups
 0003084    albumsminornew2014.05.25Batch-managing a since-deleted album gives SQL error
 0003047 2 web APIfeaturenew2014.02.13missing author information in pwg.categories.getImages and pwg.tags.getImages
 000299917   otherminornew2014.02.11Clean and complete DocBlock for PHPDocumentor
 0003028    languageminornew2014.01.24Allow different calendar
 0003034    configurationminornew2014.01.24from menu config->template, automaticly edit a TPL in LocalFileEdit
 0003026    templateminornew2014.01.18Extended Description and Smart Pocket theme
 0003022    templatefeaturenew2014.01.18Add a CSS class to the pictures number in the breadcrumb
 0003018 1 uploadminornew2014.01.13Exif_read_data warning when uploading pictures
 00027691   configurationminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12On admin.php?page=user_list zero values are accepted
 0002966    languageminorassigned (ddtddt)2013.12.12and %d virtual string with trailing whitespace
 0002362    albumsfeaturenew2013.11.22add a function to find a representant of an album
 000276222 synchronizationmajorassigned (plg)2013.10.29Using the ' (aphostrophe) character in filenames/directory names let's sql queries fail
 0002991    albumsminornew2013.10.28photos sort order in album and limit on number of photos
 00029831   users & groupsminornew2013.10.22Cleaning opened sessions when deleting user
 0002957    navigationminornew2013.09.09Popup "0"
 0002956    templateminornew2013.09.07template with optional URL parameter and no questions mark in url does not work
 0002945    navigationfeaturenew2013.07.15Allow plugins/users to add their own filters
 0002942    uploadminornew2013.07.14When using non-ascii chars as title when uploading throug the android app, the title is cut off
 0002930    displayminorassigned (flop25)2013.06.23Set one jquery ui css per admin theme
 0002911 1 otherminoracknowledged2013.05.30Remove "As Guest" from default RSS feed
 0002913    otherminornew2013.05.30RSS feed does not pass W3C Feed Validation Service
 0002912 1 othermajornew2013.05.30RSS timezone does not obey to PHP setting
 0002910    templateminornew2013.05.30Template missing RSS meta tag
 0002906    albumsminornew2013.05.22Album sort order when moving or adding new albums
 0002902    photosfeaturenew2013.05.17[Batch Manager] configure default number of photos per page
 000289315   image processingminornew2013.05.06Add WebP support
 00026899   securitymajornew2013.04.30Piwigo should use https for authentication
 00027552   metadataminornew2013.04.20Write Metadata to image files
 00028861   tagsminornew2013.04.20Allow comma in tag
 000281211 navigationfeaturenew2013.04.16 Previous/Next Navigation between Albums
 0002880    image processingminornew2013.03.24New settings to get through the "Original" link, the original picture WITH watermark
 0002879    image processingmajornew2013.03.23Generating thumbnails in Batch Manager not working on HTTPS ONLY setup
 00028462   web APImajorfeedback (rvelices) returns an error when called with f_* parameters
 0002853    image processingminornew2013.03.01an ampersand in album names prevents thumbnail generation
 000281312 pluginsminornew2013.01.23[AMetaData] "Undefined offset" Notice error message with some JPEGs
 00028111   uploadminornew2013.01.01The directories created in _data or upload have all the permissions
 0002817    otherfeaturenew2012.12.31Adding a 'rule' system, like the plugin SmartAlbum but for administration tasks
 000280311 uploadminorassigned (plg)2012.12.13uploadify tries to invoke non-existing script
 0002792    pluginsfeaturenew2012.11.25[virtualize] Add parameters for the scheme used during move/rename
 00004126   albumsfeaturefeedback2012.11.25Auto sort of the categories: add a auto sort per dir name
 0002789    displayminornew2012.11.22no ajax loading in calendar view
 0002759    otherfeatureassigned (rvelices)2012.11.19improve batch manager filters with "not in album(s)", "not in tag(s)" and also allow in multiple albums
 00026852   templateminornew2012.11.19multi size : if every size is disabled, display the dropdown menu to display the thumb OR the orignal
 0002597    uploadfeatureassigned (plg)2012.11.19details on the upload progression
 00025762   users & groupsfeaturenew2012.11.19[multiple size] maximum size for user
 0000935    metadatafeaturenew2012.11.19support for JPEG comment
 0000932    user commentsfeaturenew2012.11.19Feature Request: User configured Timezone
 00027762   templateminornew2012.10.27Move hardcoded html entirely to templates
 0002738    installation & upgrademajornew2012.09.06" is not allowed as database password
 0002728    displayfeaturenew2012.08.22Ability to watch all albums but with a lock thumbnail if the user doesn't have the permission
 0002704    users & groupsminornew2012.07.23Edit the names of groups
 000269921 synchronizationmajornew2012.07.17Syncronize Duplicating Albums/Images
 0002691    installation & upgrademinornew2012.07.12update 122 fails on Windows due to rename()
 0002653    pluginsminornew2012.06.14Add a trigger event "user_logged_out" at the end of the logout_user function
 0002624    albumsminornew2012.04.25Extended description plugin - the [cat=xx] tag doesn't work
 0002595    notificationminornew2012.03.18Redirect readers of notification to the main page category of the wiews
 0002592    authenticationminornew2012.03.13After successful password change, main window keeps showing 'enter new password' messages
 00008134   metadatafeatureassigned (plg)2012.03.04Ajouter d'autres champs IPTC aux tags
 0002582    photosmajornew2012.02.20Zero month bug
 00025601   otherminornew2012.01.31Administrator basket empty when photo selected on thumbnail view
 0002556    uploadminornew2012.01.21Author information is not getting Updated
 0002547    albumsfeaturenew2012.01.02Apply authorization to sub-album on creation, if the parent album is private.
 00022522   albumsminornew2011.12.25The menu is not in "compact mode" when you view the Batch Manager
 0002521    albumsminornew2011.11.28"Allow a new random representative" not work
 00025182   authenticationminornew2011.11.24do not display identification page when identified
 00016183   searchfeaturefeedback2011.11.17Using the (Quick) Search-tool to search through user comments.
 0002039    searchminorassigned (Gotcha)2011.11.11When research does not give any result
 0002485    photosfeaturenew2011.10.27Feature request : ability to set a "default privacy level for photos" on the main configuration page
 0002475    databaseminornew2011.10.17mysql error after uploading photos using flash photo upload
 0002468    photosminornew2011.10.12All batch management action should send a redirection
 00016151   notificationminornew2011.10.08Allow users to register themselves at the NBM
 0002461    photosfeaturenew2011.10.07Add pagination/actions on both top and bottom for batch manager
 00024422   templateminornew2011.09.18Page metadata not rendered even if $meta_ref is set to true
 0002443    installation & upgrademinornew2011.09.18Testing the version of PHP to upgrade
 00024191   users & groupstweakassigned (plg)2011.09.05Admin notification of a new user and special characters
 00007611   otherminorconfirmed2011.09.01it creates thumbnails in sub-repertories in /thumbnails folders
 00023981   users & groupsfeaturenew2011.08.10Ability to delete his own account for user
 0001977    user commentsfeaturenew2011.08.09Comments need to be Ajaxified
 0002392    users & groupsminornew2011.08.06Space on login : bug on confirm mail (administrator)
 0002389    configurationminornew2011.08.05Need option for enable the photo description
 00023811   users & groupsfeaturenew2011.07.21Generate private URLs for easy sharing of private albums
 0002357    uploadfeaturenew2011.06.21add a new new trigger for the end of an upload process
 00011881   users & groupsfeaturenew2011.06.06[Admin panel] Permit admins to create users with single and non mandatory password type and email
 0002327    photosminornew2011.06.05Create better configuration for Download Button
 00005003   navigationfeaturenew2011.05.30View N thumbnails on the page, or all
 0002190    navigationfeaturenew2011.05.25more sort options
 0002300    displayminornew2011.05.09Impossible to load a distant picture in combined CSS
 0002290    web APIminornew2011.05.01pwg.images.exist generates malformed XML
 0001703    users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2011.04.04[Evolution] Sorting users list table
 0002227    photosminorassigned (rvelices)2011.03.22Problem with downloading images by a user
 00022232   configurationfeaturenew2011.03.18use jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget to apply a TE to several themes
 0002204    otherfeaturenew2011.02.26[Evolution] Deleting physical albums if empty
 00017822   securityminorassigned (plg)2011.02.08default privacy level for registered users
 00010732   securityfeatureassigned (plg)2011.02.08default privacy level for photos
 0000919    notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2011.01.18link on comment/photo missing in notification email
 00014516   languageminorassigned2011.01.18Improve localization and internationalization
 00019574   notificationfeatureassigned (Gotcha)2011.01.18RSS feeds improvement
 0001783    users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2011.01.18set a user as default values user
 0001662    pluginsfeatureassigned (grum)2011.01.18managing dependencies between plugins
 0001540    configurationminorconfirmed (plg)2011.01.18To make so that the history is optional as of the installation
 0000956    users & groupsfeaturenew2011.01.18store filtering preference for user
 0000954    users & groupsfeaturenew2011.01.18use session parameters instead of url parameters for user list filtering
 00009063   notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2011.01.18email notification at photo level on new comment
 0002111 1 displayminornew2011.01.16Pictures are not displayed
 0002110    searchfeaturenew2011.01.14display an explicit message when a search returns no photo
 0002073    synchronizationfeaturenew2010.12.17p2p distribution of content
 0001421    uploadminorassigned (plg)2010.11.30uploading 2 zip archives fails
 0002033    languageminorassigned (plg)2010.11.15Non-english tags are not correctly sorted by alphabet
 0002026    languageminorassigned (plg)2010.11.11[history search] the "categories" word is not localized in the "section" column
 0002023    metadatamajornew2010.11.10Hierarchical tags or keywords in piwigo. Allow importing hierarchical tags from metadata.
 00019031   metadatafeaturenew2010.11.10Import rating from metadata
 0002006    metadataminornew2010.11.04differentiate the $COMMENT_IMG in the header and picture page
 0001969    templatetrivialnew2010.10.28Template bug on administration home page
 00008581   installation & upgrademinorassigned2010.10.24Add a wizard for installation.
 0001953 1 user commentsminornew2010.10.24User comments table not correct (GER language)
 0001836    authenticationminornew2010.08.31Negative boolean variable with $conf['case_sensitive_username']
 0001804    configurationmajornew2010.08.18Wrong URL when using $conf['question_mark_in_urls'] = false;
 0001798    warningsminornew2010.08.15errors
 00007101   metadatafeatureacknowledged (plg)2010.07.26Charset conversion of IPTC tags
 0001780    notificationfeaturenew2010.07.26Add the RSS feed for Comments only
 00017534   configurationminorassigned (plg)2010.07.26tag browsing fails if $conf['order_by'] does not start with a space character
 0001752    navigationmajorassigned (plg)2010.07.01incorrect home link for phpwebgallery veterans
 00012513   pluginsfeatureacknowledged (VDigital)2010.05.26Add a button to delete our template-extension
 0001681    pluginsminornew2010.05.25add upgrade function on the plugin manager
 00016512   navigationmajorassigned (plg)2010.05.11Random pictures goes back to gallery home
 00009991   configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2010.05.11tools/ have to be removed
 0001647    pluginsfeaturenew2010.05.06Implement an error management on the plugin_deactivate and plugin_uninstall functions
 00015371   warningsfeaturenew2010.05.06Appearance of the messages of success and failure
 0001629    metadatafeaturenew2010.04.27Add HD size to picture table and collect data through a soft asynchronous process
 0001569    users & groupsminornew2010.04.03Change users statuses denomination in order to avoid confusion
 000082021 image processingcrashnew2010.03.31PHPWebGallery chrashes when trying to load large files (Fix included)
 0001536    installation & upgradeblocknew2010.03.25Installation and Upgrade could be executed on unsufficient MySQL release
 0001524    albumsfeaturenew2010.03.21Rendre parametrable les categories vides
 00014932   configurationminornew2010.03.19action "purge search history"
 0001512    displayfeaturenew2010.03.17random display of thumbnails of a category
 00001024   metadatamajorfeedback (laurent_duretz)2010.03.01Problem with accents when using listing.xml
 0001458    pluginsminornew2010.02.26installation automatique de plugins -> plugin non fonctionnel
 00014181   otherminornew2010.02.23Renaming redirect() function to pwg_redirect()
 0001436    pluginsminornew2010.02.15mail doesn't displayed in plugin addthis
 0001428    configurationminornew2010.02.12improvement for comments's management
 00014271   tagsfeaturenew2010.02.12replacement of the block tag by a block-related tags
 0001390 1 albumsminornew2010.01.22Incorrect treatment when F5 browser function-key is used
 00013561   pluginsfeaturenew2010.01.05[LocalFiles Editot] Possibility of managing several personnals-plugins
 0001354    uploadminornew2009.12.31"Upload a picture" link could be unavailable
 00008692   users & groupsfeaturenew2009.12.15[Evolution] To be able to display more columns in users management view
 0001300    notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2009.11.30Languages are not taken into account in the email notification
 0001287    image processingminorassigned (plg)2009.11.25wider file permissions for generated thumbnails
 00012582   warningsminorconfirmed2009.11.23Warning on history page when image has been deleted
 00012401   users & groupstweaknew2009.11.14Reset to default values is always setting true few options
 0001232    searchminornew2009.11.05Boolean operator NOT
 0001191    users & groupsfeaturenew2009.10.12droit HD sur certaines catégories seulement
 0001148    albumsfeaturenew2009.08.28Liens lors de la création de nouvelles catégories
 00011431   albumsfeaturenew2009.08.26[Enhancement] Possibility to physically move/change pictures from a category to an other
 0001118    warningstextnew2009.08.11Allows warnings message in good area text
 0000521    image processingminorassigned (rub)2009.08.11Timeout pour recherche/création miniatures et add_index
 00007784   notificationminoracknowledged2009.08.11Comment notification
 00010482   otherfeatureassigned (plg)2009.07.29automatically hide the Newsletter subscribe link once subscribed
 00008401   searchtweaknew2009.07.29Searches are never deleted
 00002271   albumsfeatureassigned (laurent_duretz)2009.07.29Gestion des thumbs dans sites distants
 00009962   otherfeatureassigned (repie38)2009.07.27Caddie management section for unit mode
 0001074    metadatafeaturenew2009.07.24Admin Instructions for (categories and) pictures
 00010544   user commentsfeatureassigned (rub)2009.07.18Auto-approval and anti-flood disabled
 0001050    synchronizationminornew2009.07.13Delete a category: "0 images deleted" displayed although content of the cat is removed
 00010442   authenticationminornew2009.07.09check_status(ACCESS_GUEST) is too limited
 0000942    templateminorassigned (rvelices)2009.06.18[search results] forgotten CSS
 0000992    warningstrivialnew2009.05.12mysql_free_result
 0000991    albumsfeaturenew2009.05.12"Link elements to a new category" in "manage category elements" page
 0000985    navigationminorconfirmed2009.05.04starting slideshow from picture page view count +1 and should not
 00009794   otherfeaturenew2009.04.29Casser Frame Google et autres
 0000970    configurationfeaturenew2009.04.15configuration option to ignore some directories in sync process
 0000969 1 displayminornew2009.04.09Proposition d'un plugin dérivé de Front2Back
 00008963   otherfeaturenew2009.03.24Ajout d'un trigger pendant la synchronisation des fichiers
 0000957    searchminornew2009.03.21Quicksearch can miss some result based on picture names
 0000930    templateminornew2009.03.04Séparation contenue / contenant pour le nombre d'images
 000091731 metadataminorfeedback (plg)2009.01.27EXIF data on .avi files
 00008113   searchfeatureacknowledged (plg)2009.01.24Permettre la recherche sur de nouveaux champs de BBD (IPTC)
 00009033   navigationminorassigned (rub)2008.11.22Manque le bouton annuler lors de l'upload au niveau des miniatures
 00008624   displayfeaturenew2008.09.19Specials > My favorites should not be displayed till the member has no favorites
 00004156   metadatafeaturenew2008.09.07Files/database sychronisation of the EXIF metadata (datetimeOriginal)
 00008271   navigationfeatureassigned (VDigital)2008.09.06Random category representatives can be filtered on their size
 00008552   displaytweaknew2008.09.04Thumbnail creation
 000084911 navigationminoracknowledged2008.09.03Remarks about configuration menu
 00002854   synchronizationfeaturenew2008.08.05separate structure synchronization and metadata synchronization
 0000822    albumsfeaturenew2008.07.06Assume permalink creation at category creation time based on logical / physical name
 000069811 albumsfeaturenew2008.07.05Catégoriser facilement des images selon leur nom
 0000446    otherfeaturenew2008.07.05Message si aucune image ajoutée dans la gallerie
 00001483   users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2008.07.05Utilisateur modèle
 00006671   uploadminorconfirmed2008.07.04Toutes les informations ne sont pas associées à l'image.
 00006124   installation & upgrademinorfeedback (plg)2008.07.04Problème lors de la mise à jour
 00006813   authenticationminornew2008.05.16la description des pages est dynamique, idem pour les mots clés
 0000824    otherminornew2008.05.04To post IP in the comment for the admin
 00000192   synchronizationfeaturefeedback2008.05.02compare pictures date for update
 00008041   otherminornew2008.02.15mise a jour du mot de passe mal exploitée par les plugin phpBB et PunBB
 00003214   languagefeaturefeedback2008.02.15Show language choice on main page
 00007392   notificationminoracknowledged2008.01.29affichage erreur envoi notification
 00007884   albumsminorconfirmed2008.01.29mysql error 1048] Column 'nb_images' cannot be null
 00006402   albumsminorfeedback2008.01.29Bug sur la suppression de miniatures
 0000701    installation & upgrademinornew2008.01.29Procédure incomplète lorsque les thèmes personnalisés ne sont pas chargés préalablement à l'upgrade
 00006852   languageminorassigned (plg)2008.01.29Categories without pictures get l10n warning messages
 00006781   minorassigned (rub)2008.01.29réinitialisation de la base lors de la synchronisation
 00006732   albumsminorfeedback2008.01.29Erreurs SQL lors de la suppression d'une categorie virtuelle déjà supprimée
 0000785    tagsfeaturenew2007.12.22Image alt tag using iptc keywords
 00007741   otherfeatureassigned (rub)2007.11.01Statistics & plugin triggers => multi history
 0000764    notificationfeaturenew2007.10.17[Evolution] Permettre aux utilisateurs de choisir eux même NBM
 0000760    authenticationfeaturenew2007.10.08Envoi d'un mail présentant le nouveau membre lors de son inscription
 0000756    otherfeaturenew2007.09.30Ajout de trigger côté admin
 0000746    albumsfeaturenew2007.09.14Associer tous les éléments (images + sous dossier) à une nouvelle catégorie
 0000706    otherfeaturenew2007.06.14Nombre de visiteurs dans l'onglet "Statistiques"
 00006564   albumsminorfeedback (plg)2007.05.08Oubound value on manage permissions for a category equal to first value
 00006721   installation & upgradeblockconfirmed (plg)2007.05.05#upgrade inserts fail when no defined table prefix
 00006762   otherminorassigned (plg)2007.04.10History high element
 0000668    notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2007.03.29NBM par groupe
 00004636   navigationfeatureassigned (rub)2007.03.28Liste des catégories... trop longue...
 00000701   otherfeaturenew2007.03.14new since last visit
 0000661    securityminorassigned (plg)2007.03.07Search in History displays IP address even in Advisor mode
 0000658    notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2007.03.01gestion par l'utilisateur de la NBM
 0000659    notificationfeaturenew2007.03.01notification de téléchargement de pwg_high
 00006072   albumsfeatureacknowledged2007.02.02Access by Author
 0000626    otherfeatureassigned (plg)2007.01.26[evolution] historique : nb de photos ajoutés dans le graph
 0000618    metadataminornew2007.01.14Accents dans les données Exif
 0000613    synchronizationminorassigned (rub)2007.01.08add index in the synchronization
 0000609    navigationminorassigned (rub)2007.01.01Return to administration, when the gallery is locked for maintenance.
 00004768   metadatafeatureassigned (plg)2006.12.29Integration des champs IPTC
 0000594    users & groupsfeaturenew2006.12.01Répercuter les changements par défaut sur les comptes existants
 0000541    tagsfeaturenew2006.09.18Tags et gestion de droits : demande d'évolution
 00004931   users & groupsfeatureassigned (rub)2006.08.22droits pwg_high disabled sur un groupe
 00005231   installation & upgradefeaturenew2006.08.19Build a sanity check module to run after (installation or) migration
 0000491    navigationfeatureassigned (rub)2006.07.27Check data input
 00004177   metadatafeaturenew2006.06.17Exif support when host doesn't support (via PJMT)
 0000289    searchfeaturenew2006.06.13Recherche par plage de notation d'image
 0000409    user commentsfeaturenew2006.06.08ajout de fonctionnalités dans le menu "spéciales
 0000384    albumsfeaturenew2006.05.23catégories suivante/précédente
 0000236    albumsminorassigned (plg)2005.12.06access denied to a parent category of a granted child category
 0000047    image processingfeatureassigned (plg)2005.07.05option to create thumbnails from EXIF if exists