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0001380Piwigometadatapublic2010.01.15 11:242010.05.05 01:50
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Apache 1.3.x
0001380: metadata not synchronized for a single picture
When you're editing a single picture (I mean on admin/picture_modify), you have a "synchronize metadata" action. It only works for tags in IPTC and basic metadata (filesize, height, width).

My investigation taught me that the update_metadata function was not used during the generic synchronization. It was duplicated into the get_element_metadata function in admin/site_reader_local.php (which has not the bug).

I'm going to fix the update_metadata function but we should have a single piece of code to update metadata (I'll ask rvelices his opinion on the best way to do this)
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2010.01.15 11:38   
[Subversion] r4680 by plg on branch 2.0

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
bug 1380: now correctly synchronizes metadata on a single photo, needs a nicer
fix on trunk.
2010.01.15 11:40   
[Subversion] r4681 by plg on trunk

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merge r4680 from branch 2.0 to trunk

bug 1380: now correctly synchronizes metadata on a single photo, needs a nicer
fix on trunk.
2010.01.15 11:41   
rvelices, I made the "dirty" fix for branch 2.0, but I would like your opinion on the code duplication described earlier in this issue before going any further.
2010.01.16 07:16   
Yes you're right. When i rewrote the site update, we gained a lot in terms of code and functionality between local/remote sites. But this metadata part has been duplicated.
2010.05.05 01:48   
I've decided to keep the code duplicated as it is, because:

1) merging was not trivial, the code was not just "duplicated", it was also "dispatched"

2) I think that grum metadata manager will soon replace the current metadata manager