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0001431Piwigoweb APIpublic2010.02.13 00:012010.02.13 00:05
Apache 1.3.x
0001431: community users can't see empty categories
When using the Community plugin, a non admin user can use pLoader to see the list of categories and upload.

With 0001053, we hide categories that contain no photo. Only pure administrators don't follow this rule. Unfortunately, community users (allowed to upload) are not pure administrators. So in pLoader they can't see the empty categories (even the ones they create by themselves...)
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2010.02.13 00:02   
I've submitted the bug in Piwigo project and not in Community plugin, because I already coded the change and I know there is no change to apply in Community.
2010.02.13 00:04   
[Subversion] r4883 by plg on branch 2.0

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bug 1431: Community users now can see empty categories just like any admin.
2010.02.13 00:05   
[Subversion] r4884 by plg on trunk

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merge r4883 from branch 2.0 to trunk

bug 1431: Community users now can see empty categories just like any admin.