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0001477Advanced Menu Managerfeaturepublic2010.03.03 22:282011.01.28 17:15
0001477: Possibility to pre-select the "random images"
It would be great to be able to have a random image inside of a pre-selection of images.
(for example to have the random image only among your best photos)

Several ways to do it:
- like PWG stuffs' "Image du jour", preselection is the webmaster's favourites
- preselection is a category
- preselection is all the images with a rating greater than N stars

My preference goes to the first one...
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2011.01.28 17:10   
[Subversion] r8962 by grum on extension AMenuManager

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
release 3.0.0
fix bug:1716, bug:2128, bug:1296, bug:2052, bug:1910, bug:1723, bug:1709, bug:1680, bug:1477, bug:2129
rewrite plugin core, implement ajax interface, optimize JS
2011.01.28 17:15   
fixed with commit r8962 ; will be published with plugin release 3.0.0