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0001659Piwigonotificationpublic2010.05.20 10:572010.05.25 00:07
Apache 1.3.x
0001659: [I8n] "Notification" is not very clear. The labels should mention "RSS feed" instead (fr_FR).
I think that the submenu "Notification" (in Menu) should be renammed into something more explicit, containing the words "RSS feed" in it.
Maybe something like "RSS feed notification".

Unless in the futur this section will include email notification, since it just concerns RSS feed notification, it would be great to rename it.
I think users are a bit confused about the today's label "Notification" without knowing exactly whet it is, and thus don't click on the link (or are not interested on clicking on it), even if they are well aware of what a RSS feed is.
Just open the home page.
declared on 2.0.10 because the 2.1.0 is not available yet in the product version list combo of mantis.
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2010.05.22 10:50   
[Subversion] r6273 by Gotcha on trunk

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
Precision for "Notification"
Precision for "Image only RSS feed"
2010.05.22 10:53   
$lang['Notification'] = 'Notification';
$lang['Notification'] = 'Notifications RSS';
2010.05.22 11:34   
This entry needs to be applied to all languages, not only French.
2010.05.23 09:23   
(edited on: 2010.05.23 10:07)
I do not know if I can add at the end of each value word “RSS”. All the languages do not function in the same way and I would not like to make silly things.

What is your recommendation?

2010.05.23 10:42   
Isn't there a way to contact all translators?
Otherwise, maybe this enhancement should be included directly in the next release note to warn everyone that some messages has been updated in some languages. Maybe translators will then provide their version of the message.
2010.05.24 23:32   
(edited on: 2010.05.24 23:34)
merged on branch 2.1