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0001706Piwigotagspublic2010.05.29 15:042011.05.31 13:49
Apache 1.3.x
0001706: Tags auto-completion is not fast enough : leads to wrong tags entered
Often, When I'm typing the keyboard to enter some tags to a picture, the auto-completion is working. But it seems a bit to slow, because when I press down the enter key, I sometimes see that half of the word I wrote is validated!

Other times, the last letter is not taken into account. For example:
I write "Fleur" in the tag input. The combo list under contains 2 items:
Fleu (highlighted), and
Fleur (under)
Unfortunatelly, even I correctly entered "Fleur" in the input, the tag "Fleu" is validated !! NOK
Just add some tags to some pictures.
No tags attached.
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2010.11.19 16:01   
(edited on: 2010.11.29 11:54)
With more than 3000 tags defined, tags auto-completion is too slow and almost not usable.

You can resolve this bug by adding:
"maxshownitems: 10" at line 26 of file admin/themes/default/template/element_set_unit.tpl
"maxshownitems: 10" at line 21 of file admin/themes/default/template/element_set_global.tpl

This solution does not interfere with resolved bug 1721. You still have the possibility to attach up to 100 tags by picture

2011.05.31 13:49   
Considering the replacement of FCBKComplete by TokenInput and that P@t has written the list of tags directly into the page source code, this bug should be fixed.