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0002174Piwigoalbumspublic2011.02.02 10:242011.02.02 12:43
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Apache 1.3.x
0002174: [photo sort order] only show the automatic order options when it's relevant
it is useless and confusing to show the automatic order options when the user does not selects this sort order.
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2011.02.02 10:35   
[Subversion] r9051 by plg on trunk

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
bug 2172 fixed: the "sort order" options are removed from the album administration main page.

bug 2173 fixed: rename "manual order" into "automatic order" and "by rank" into "manual order"

bug 2174 fixed: only show the automatic order options when it's relevant

new icon for the "manage photo order" screen

hide the numeric rank below the thumbnail (it is confusing for users)

tell users that you can drag'n drop to reorder photos

bug fixed: the "apply to sub-albums" options for photo orders was not working