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0002364Piwigoinstallation & upgradepublic2011.06.25 23:022011.06.25 23:23
Apache 1.3.x
0002364: missing database upgrade with Piwigo Auto Upgrade
On the support forum, we have been reported several cases of missing database upgrade (call to upgrade.php) during the Piwigo Auto Upgrade process.

Most of the time the probleme is that upgrade.php was not executed and Piwigo displays the following message : Unknown column 'user_representative_picture_id' in 'field list'. Each time, the solution is "open upgrade.php in your web browser and follow the instructions".

Let's make it more automatic! If we detect that the upgrade.php was not executed, we automatically redirect to upgrade.php.
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[Subversion] r11510 by plg on branch 2.2

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bug 2364 fixed: if database upgrade is missing, we redirect to upgrade.php