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0002485Piwigophotospublic2011.10.27 15:382011.10.27 15:38
Apache 1.3.x
0002485: Feature request : ability to set a "default privacy level for photos" on the main configuration page
As suggested by PLG on [^] (post 0000272), I create this feature request.

For now, any album created and uploaded to Piwigo from a client such as the"Alloyphoto Piwigo plugin for Lightroom" is marked as public by default. Anyone can see the newly created album until the admin logs in the Piwigo administration interface to change the album privacy setting.

There is a workaround. I was told by PLG to change this line in the local/config/ file: $conf['newcat_default_status'] = 'private';

But I think many users would prefer to be able to set this default privacy level with a simple checkbox on the main configuration page of the Piwigo interface.

Best regards.
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