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0002546Piwigousers & groupspublic2012.01.02 17:072012.02.14 00:16
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Apache 1.3.x
0002546: ghost user/group created on album permission manager
a user with an id 0 or Null, no name, appears when no user is checked and "apply to subalbum" is checked too. [^] on french
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2012.02.14 00:16plgSummarycreation of a ghost user/group during the managment of permission => ghost user/group created on album permission manager

2012.01.02 17:41   
[Subversion] r12826 by flop25 on branch 2.3

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
merge r12825 from trunk to branch 2.3 bug:2546 fixed:
checkbox "apply on sub" after the button
better "if isset" to avoid errors if no user have been selected
2012.01.02 17:51   
the button apply on sub create the temptation to apply a modification whereas nothing is checked. before it only creates a mysql bug, but with that option it tries to redefine the permission of subalbums with a Null user.