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0003078Piwigopluginspublic2014.05.09 16:402014.10.06 12:58
Apache 2.4.x
0003078: ZLib issues on Ubuntu (and other OS's)
When I installed Piwigo and then tried to install some plugins, I kept getting the message:

    Abort pclzip.lib.php : Missing zlib extensions

Running `php -m` showed that the Zlib extension was, in fact, installed.

This is similar to the problem mentioned in this topic (though the solution proposed in that topic does not work for the reason claimed - it actually works because PHP is compiled against a different version of Zlib.)

The root of the problem lies in the fact that PHP compiled with "large file support" (as PHP on new Ubuntu installs is compiled) names the function `gzopen` as `gzopen64` instead. Piwigo looks for the original function name, and then complains when it cannot be found.

The simplest solution for this problem is to check whether the function exists, and to alias it if it does not. For example, like this:

    if (!extension_loaded('zlib'))
      die('Abort '.basename(__FILE__).' : Missing zlib extensions');
    if (!function_exists('gzopen') && function_exists('gzopen64'))
      function gzopen(string $filename , string $mode, int $use_include_path = 0) {
        return gzopen64($filename, $mode, $use_include_path)

Another way to do it would be to use a function pointer, like this:

    if (!extension_loaded('zlib'))
      die('Abort '.basename(__FILE__).' : Missing zlib extensions');
    if (function_exists('gzopen'))
      $this->gzopen_func = 'gzopen';
    elseif (function_exists('gzopen64'))
      $this->gzopen_func = 'gzopen64';
      die('Abort '.basename(__FILE__).' : Could not find gzopen');

Then, instead of saying `gzopen(...)`, you would use this:

    $gzopen = $this->gzopen_func;

(Note that this could probably be done in a single line - I just did it in two lines for clarity about what points where.)

Note that I had this issue on Ubuntu, but I found similar reports about gzopen64 on many platforms.
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bug 3078: avoid zlib issue on Ubuntu 14.04 (PHP 5.5) and maybe other systems