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0003151Piwigoinstallation & upgradepublic2014.10.02 20:322014.11.03 22:10
mysql 5.0.11-dev
PHP 5.5.16
Apache 2.2.16
0003151: can't customize urls if PATH_INFO is undefined
If question_mark_in_URLs is false, as stated in your SEO URLs directions, a white page containing a header and a left menu only with no template design and no css is displayed. Neither error messages nor content images are displayed. I tried with different themes and different browsers and the issue remains.
1. Install Piwigo 2.7.0 on a 1and1 shared hosting server.
2. Activate Friendly SEO URL through local/config/

$conf['question_mark_in_urls'] = false;
$conf['php_extension_in_urls'] = false;
$conf['category_url_style'] = 'id-name';
$conf['picture_url_style'] = 'file';

3. Activate/configure directives through htaccess:

#htaccess piwigo
AcceptPathInfo On
Options +MultiViews

4. Visit Piwigo's gallery home page.
Piwigo 2.7 is now working fine on my 1and1 shared hosting server after applying the following two patches:

1) PATH_INFO is undefined on my shared hosting server and was replaced by ORIG_PATH_INFO in and

2) At the home page ORIG_PATH_INFO took the value of "/photos/index.php", so in this case $page['root_path'] should take the value of PHPWG_ROOT_PATH in
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2014.10.28 11:40flop25SummaryA white page containing a header and a left menu only with no template design is displayed when SEO URLs is activated. => can't customize urls if PATH_INFO is undefined
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