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0003153Piwigouploadpublic2014.10.04 20:112014.10.06 11:29
Apache 1.3.x
0003153: [with PATCH] HTML5 uploader's "add file" button does not work on iceweasel 31
In all browsers I tried, the "drag files" feature works like a charm.

However, the "add file" button does not work on Iceweasel 31 (Debian's version of Firefox).

After a while looking narrowing down the problem on toy HTML pages, here's a fix (just add "container : 'uploadForm'" in the upload queue configuration).
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patch upload-container.patch (403) 2014.10.04 20:11
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2014.10.05 20:56   
Great! I also see problems on other web browsers (such as IE9 or iOS Safari). I'll tell you if your patch fixes the problem too.
2014.10.06 11:17   
[Subversion] r29900 by plg on trunk

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
bug 3153: fix the AddPhotos buttons on Iceweasel (and on iOS 8.0.2... sometimes). Patch by mmoy
2014.10.06 11:18   
I have made some tests and every thing keep working on firefox/chrome/ie. On Safari iOS 8, my first test was working fine, but then impossible to make the button work. I don't think it's related to the fix, but I would have liked very much that it worked!
2014.10.06 11:29   
[Subversion] r29903 by plg on branch 2.7

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merge r29900 from trunk to branch 2.7

bug 3153: fix the AddPhotos buttons on Iceweasel (and on iOS 8.0.2... sometimes). Patch by mmoy