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0003182Piwigoimage processingpublic2014.11.22 14:252015.05.28 14:03
Apache 2.4.x
0003182: Add Support for Raw Files and Generalize Support for Uploading Images
As is being discussed in the forum at, [^] I'm working on updates to allow raw file support and generalize the support for file upload. This feature request is to enable the discussion of code in a bit more detail (and allow upload of diffs for testing).
The first diff uploaded is relative to the current trunk.

Currently, the parts that work are:

* Upload of normal images (e.g. jpg, png, gif) works as expected
* The pwg_representative file is created
* The representative_ext is added to the database

The parts that don't yet work are:

* The pwg_representative file doesn't show in the album view (just a gray exclamation point of an unsupported file)
* After uploading the file, the upload image preview doesn't show up (shows as a broken image and when looking at the image in a different tab, it gets the ImageMagick error of "[Image] unsupported file extension")
* Synchronization hooks supporting ftp upload are not yet built.
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diff piwigo_raw-0.1.diff (25,208) 2014.11.22 14:25
diff upload_plugin_support.diff (28,557) 2014.12.07 00:50
diff upload_plugin_support-20141231.diff (38,978) 2014.12.31 18:39
diff upload_plugin_support-20150510.diff (38,220) 2015.05.11 05:19
diff upload_plugin_support-20150528.diff (43,674) 2015.05.28 14:03
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2014.12.07 00:52   
Please review the upload_plugin_support.diff as a change relative to the current svn trunk for addition of raw support. It currently has only been integrated into the web form upload, but it should be relatively straight forward to integrate into synchronization and app uploads.
2015.05.11 05:19   
I uploaded a new diff matching the suggestion from mistic100 in [^]

The new file is upload_plugin_support-20150510.diff
2015.05.28 14:02   
I forgot to add the representative_gen.php file to the last diff. Here it is now.