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0000414Piwigoconfigurationpublic2006.06.12 21:582012.03.10 22:37
Eric B 
Apache 1.3.x
0000414: synchronization, set more permitted characters for file names
I have done again the change I made in my old 1.3 about the forbidden characters in filename. In the 1.6.0RC2, it is ca. the lines 243 and 435 of site_update.php, where I replaced the regex by:
l.243 if ( preg_match( '/^[a-zA-Z0-9-_.+&(),]+$/', $dir ) )
l.435 if (!preg_match( '/^[a-zA-Z0-9-_.+&(),]+$/', $filename ) )

What do you think about the possibility to set this characters in a panel in the administration?
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2008.07.05 02:22   
See also [^] where utf-8 and nowadays systems are more practical.
Eric B   
2009.05.13 16:50   
still doing the same change in piwigo 2.0.2
Am I the only one who likes to have more possible characters in the filenames?
2009.05.13 23:37   
Eric, you may not, but some of your proposed chars are badly supported under *niX.
Maybe we can define a box where one can add more chars than the default.
2012.03.10 22:34   
[Subversion] r13527 by plg on trunk

-----[Subversion commit log]----------------------------------------------------
feature 414 (yes, a 6 years old request): ability to define the list of
permitted characters in file/directory names for synchronization.