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0000941Piwigoweb APIpublic2009.03.13 00:062009.03.13 00:20
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Apache 1.3.x
0000941: [pwg.images.add] heavy photo upload fails
related to bug:939 in pLoader, but not specific to pLoader (tools/ encounters the same issue), uploading an heavy file sometimes fails, the maximum weight depending from post_max_size in the php.ini files and some other settings that I don't even know where to change.
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Fixed on 2.0 in [Subversion] r3192
Merged on trunk in [Subversion] r3193

The solution I've implemented was to chunk the file on client side and merge chunks on server side. It nows runs well. The speed depends on the chunk individual size. For my 4.5MB photo (+web size and thumbnail), it takes:

chunk size; duration
100KB; 87s
200KB; 76s
500KB; 71s
1000KB; 69s
2000KB; 69s

The advantage of a small chunk size is that you can display a fine progress bar on client side.