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0000949Piwigoweb APIpublic2009.03.15 21:362009.04.15 00:54
Apache 1.3.x
0000949: [pwg.images.add] heavy photo upload fails when bigger than memory limit
Current algorithm (for 2.0.1, see bug:941) chunks file for upload and then merge it back before base64_decode.

The problem is that if your photo weights 8MB, it becomes a 10.5MB base64 string. the merge_chunks function loads 10.5MB in memory as a string. Then base64_decode created another 8MB string => you have 18.5MB in memory (without taking into account the basic memory usage). Standard memory limit is set to 16MB, so the upload fails BUT pwg.images.add returns code 200 (ie "OK").
It seems that an algorithm based on reading chunks with a length multiple of 4 should make the partial base64_decode possible, it would solve the problem :-) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make it work yet.
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(edited on: 2009.04.15 00:33)
A solution is to base64 encode chunks one by one, so that pwg.images.addChunk can base64 decode a small amount of data at a time, no memory problem anymore. raw chunks can then be appended into the final file without loading the full file in memory.

2009.04.15 00:54   
fixed on branch 2.0 in [Subversion] r3239
merged on trunk in [Subversion] r3240