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0000031Piwigoalbumspublic2004.06.05 12:012005.05.01 10:58
Assigned Toplg 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.4 branch 
Summary0000031: Calendar category
DescriptionYear-month-day categories better to be displayed in a calendar DHTML widget rather than in a tree.

Suggested solution.
If the name of a category contains "calendar", assume its subcategory tree is year/months/days; invoke an alternative version of display_category() that will populate an alternative VTP_category section with DHTML calendar along with the JavaScript data -- arrays of non-empty years, months, and days to be linked to the terminal day-categories.

Examples of available DHTML calendars.
* http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex6/dcalendar.htm [^]
working; Prev. and Next should be replaced with arrows and direct to non-empty years or months;
* http://www.dansteinman.com/dynduo/en/calendar.html [^]
seems not working, but good colors.

Please tell if you'd take up implementing this soon. Otherwise, I will have to do it, because my photo-tree is growing rapidly.
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Web serverApache 1.3.x
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plg (manager)
2004.06.05 12:30

OK, I'm already working on it since I've found your idea great ! Hiw do I see the feature : calendar is a special category (like X most seen, or recent pictures). No tree in categories menu, but 2 navigation bar displayed : years and months. For each month, display of a picture per day when pictures were made available. If you click on a day, it's like searching all pictures added on the date.
rych (reporter)
2004.06.06 06:37

Thank you! I look forward to seeing it so much. The adding date should be a searchable category, indeed. I hope it can have a parent category so that to give all the items added to the _parent_ and not to the whole gallery.

Meanwhile, I've come to realise that a DHTML calendar representation of a year-month-day folder tree may be needed for other catalogs I have as well. There appears to be the most elaborate one, "The Coolest DHTML Calendar" (http://dynarch.com/mishoo/calendar/ [^]). For example, through callback function it can dispaly "special days" with special style. I will be playing with it.

Thanks again, and keep us posted
plg (manager)
2004.06.06 08:36

> I hope it can have a parent category so that to give all the items added
> to the _parent_ and not to the whole gallery.

what do you mean exactly ?

For the moment, the feature exists as I imagined it. There is no "year-month-day" tree in the categegories menu, but I might be a good idea, I think I'll add it too.

I've decided to only show calendar element (years, months, days) that have pictures, not the other ones. If the 2004-06-06 has no new picture, it won't be shown in calendar.
rych (reporter)
2004.06.07 07:34

>> I hope it can have a parent category so that to give all the items added
>> to the _parent_ and not to the whole gallery.
> what do you mean exactly ?
Will clicking on a non-empty day search all pictures added on the day to some _selected_ category or the search will be over the whole gallery?
plg (manager)
2004.06.07 15:22

> Will clicking on a non-empty day search all pictures added on the day to
> some _selected_ category or the search will be over the whole gallery ?

How would it be possible to search only in some selected categories ? Of course it is over the wholme gallery (depending on the connected user, you have permissions...)
plg (manager)
2004.06.08 00:19

In fact, I might understant what you mean... What do you think of this suggestion :

 1. click on the special category "calendar" : you enter in a category with 2 navigation bars, the first one is the years, the second is the months of the selected year. Only years and months with pictures available are shown.

 2. choose a year. By default the last year is selected. In the menu, under the special category "calendar", a tree appear, with only years. In the thumbnails table, a thumbnail (random) is chosen to represent each month.

 3. choose a month : each day of this month is represented by a random picture. In the menu, each day of the month is shown.

 4. choose a day : now you have a list of categories where pictures were added this day, and in bonus a special category, a non-category in fact, were pictures are not owned by a category in particular.

 5. choose a category : all pictures of this category of this day are shown. If the special "non-category" is selected, all pictures of this day are shown.

Your feeling ?
rych (reporter)
2004.06.08 11:38
edited on: 2004.06.08 11:40

Yes I think that's the right way to do date-searching!

Let me just mention why I was thinking about a DHTML calendar. That's just another view on a date-based gallery. Suppose one adds his photos to year-month-days folders and has the option expand_all; then the category menu would become rather long, listing all those (non-empty) years, months and days. The DHTML calendar would be just a neater way to _show_ it.

You have solved a more general task, actually. So thanks a lot, and please show off the example when it's ready!

edited on: 2004.06.08 11:38
plg (manager)
2004.08.24 21:52

This feature is partly present in actual development branch snapshots. You can test it and report your feelings (please :-)
plg (manager)
2004.10.23 11:09

available in dev snapshot since 2004-08-07

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