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0003123Piwigoauthenticationpublic2014.08.15 13:152014.08.24 18:50
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Target Version2.8.0beta1Fixed in Version 
Summary0003123: Allow easier sharing of URL with identification.php?redirect=...
DescriptionTo invite a user to a particular page visible without authentication, but with more content when authenticated (e.g. an album with both public and private pictures), one can send a link like

  http://mmoy.piwigo.com/identification.php?redirect=index?/category/13-selection [^]

that will invite the user to login, and then show the content. There are two drawbacks with this approach:

* Currently, one has to build the URL by hand. It would be much easier if the "connect" button available on each page was directing to identification.php?redirect=<the current page> instead of argumentless identification.php. Then, a gallery owner could visit the page to share, click "connect" and copy-paste the URL from the browser's location bar (well, not perfect since one would have to log out to get the "connect" button).

* When identification.php?redirect=<...> is visited by a guest, an error message is displayed "You are not authorized to access the requested page", regardless of whether the content is actually visible or not. It would be better to check whether the page is actually forbidden before showing the error message.

* One could even go further and allow login= and password= GET parameters, and we would get very close to the "share by URL" feature.
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Web serverApache 1.3.x
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flop25 (developer)
2014.08.15 14:03

just link a private page: the user will be redirected to the login page and then after login to page requested. So that already works
mmoy (reporter)
2014.08.15 14:06

Yes, but my point was about pages that are not private, but have more content when authenticated (see the first line of my report).

If I send the link to the page as-is, then people will forget to authenticate and see only the public content.
flop25 (developer)
2014.08.15 14:07

oh ok sry I understand much more
flop25 (developer)
2014.08.15 14:08

You should try the Event Cats plugin, which allows login through a link
mmoy (reporter)
2014.08.15 14:38

Event Cats is not available on piwigo.com, which currently hosts me.

I'm suggesting this only because I think it would be easy to implement, and it would make sense in other flows:

The fact that "connect" forgets the page it's comming from is actually a little annoying anyway. See what Mediawiki does for example, when you click "log in" from any wikipedia page, you get the login page with returnto=<where you came from>, and once you log in, you're back to the page you were visiting.

Doing the same would solve my first point, but it would require the second to be fixed to avoid a spurious error message.

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2014.08.15 13:15 mmoy New Issue
2014.08.15 13:15 mmoy browser => any
2014.08.15 13:15 mmoy Web server => Apache 1.3.x
2014.08.15 14:03 flop25 Note Added: 0007550
2014.08.15 14:06 mmoy Note Added: 0007551
2014.08.15 14:07 flop25 Note Added: 0007552
2014.08.15 14:08 flop25 Note Added: 0007553
2014.08.15 14:38 mmoy Note Added: 0007554
2014.08.24 18:50 plg Target Version => 2.8.0beta1

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