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0000335Piwigosynchronizationpublic2006.04.16 11:162006.04.19 01:37
Assigned Torvelices 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.6 branch 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.6 branch 
Summary0000335: Regression in pwg_high (high res pictures)
Descriptionhas_high is now set during file metadata synchronization.
It shouldn't because :

1) It hardly makes sence since it's more a matter of "files structure synchronization"

2) More important, you can't add the high res. picture after the first synchronization, unless you process even already synchronized elements which is most of times what you don't want because it alters your manualy edited data.
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Database engine and version
PHP version
Web serverApache 1.3.x
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rvelices (developer)
2006.04.17 15:06

This feature is useful for the remote sites (checking the existence of the high picture wa slow).

I agree that for local sites ONLY it could check for the existence of the file. Tell me if local sites only is ok with you and I'll do it.
chrisaga (developer)
2006.04.17 15:18

I understand the feature, but the issue is the same with local and remote sites.

Why couldn't we do it while synchronizing file structure rather than metadata.

The information is actualy in the file structure, not in any metadata stored in the image itself.

This would solve the problem and make more sense for the user.

At first, It though that pwg_high handling was totaly broken. The idea of trying metadata synchronization wasn't my firs one.
rvelices (developer)
2006.04.17 16:01

The reason is how the code was structured in site_update.php (previously update.php). Directory/files synchronization performs only mass insert/delete in/from database.
It is the same thing for filesize which was not updated in 1.5 during directory synchronization.

I think this would be pretty much work for not a lot.
chrisaga (developer)
2006.04.18 08:31

1) I think it wouldn't be that much work : we already scan the whole filesystem to find new or missing files to update the database.
When we find a "whatever/picture.ext" we could probe for a "whatever/pwg_high/picture.ext" and prepare a mass_update.

2) This feature is important : people must be able to add a high-res pictures when they want without loosing their data. The only other way is to implement a metadata synchronization that doesn't erase user edited data or that synchronize these data back to the image file. I think THAT would be pretty much work.
plg (manager)
2006.04.18 10:51

Basicaly, I agree with chrisaga, pwg_high should not be a metadata synchronization process but a filesystem structure synchronization process.
rvelices (developer)
2006.04.18 13:59

I also agree. As it should be the thumbnail extension, representative extension and file size.
plg (manager)
2006.04.18 15:34

rvelices, file size is metadata, not filesystem synchronization.
rvelices (developer)
2006.04.19 01:37

[Subversion] r1203 and [Subversion] r1204

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