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0000562 [Piwigo] other feature always 2006.10.18 02:33 2007.01.23 14:29
Reporter rvelices View Status public  
Assigned To rvelices
Priority normal Resolution fixed Platform
Status closed   OS
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ETA none Fixed in Version Alligator 1 Product Version 1.6.2
  Target Version Product Build
Summary 0000562: For the history, add an option to ignore guest visits
Description As we have the option $conf['history_admin'] which will not log admin visits in the history table (when turned on), I would like a $conf['history_guest'] which will not track guests.
I need this because my history is growing a lot because of the search engines.
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browser any
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Web server Apache 1.3.x
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rvelices (developer)
2006.10.19 02:35

[Subversion] r1565
plg (manager)
2006.11.24 00:56

I reopen this feature request because I need some explanations about the way it was implemented. Currently (trunk r1618) you can configure the history to log admin true/false, guest true/false, other user status true/false.

In this situation, I can have only admin log. Is that the wanted behaviour?

The way I saw it was: enable_history true/false, if enable_history is true, we take into account history_admin and history_guest. Does it make sense?

I just a discussion, I don't want rvelices to commit any modification on this code, because I'm deeply working on history management.
rvelices (developer)
2006.11.28 02:21

I chose the current behaviour only because that way you have full control on what is logged (you can choose "Admin but not users" or "Guests but not users"). Probably these full combinations are not really useful and on the downside the config variable names are not really very self-speaking anymore.
VDigital (reporter)
2007.01.20 09:26

User login history

I don't understand the exact added value.
Does that mean Users and Administrator(s) are logged at connection time even if they usually not logged?
That would be fine but it isn't working at all.
(Could we get a Loggin indicator in History?)
rvelices (developer)
2007.01.20 19:40

Vincent, depeux-tu reformuler en francais tes questions. J'ai peur de ne rien comprendre. Merci
VDigital (reporter)
2007.01.20 23:01

Configuration » Général » Configuration de PhpWebGallery
 o Historique des connexions (coché)

Je ne comprends pas ce que cela nous apporte de plus.
Est-ce que cela signifie que les membres et Admin sont historisés au moment de la connexion qu'ils soient historisés ou non?
Ce qui serait très bien mais pour moi cela ne marche pas.
( Est-ce que dans l'historique on pourrait avoir l'indication "Connexion"?
Aujourd'hui, la section dans la recherche de l'historique, c'est toujours "galeries" => aucune valeur ajoutée )
Is that clear enough?
rvelices (developer)
2007.01.20 23:06

As-tu lu http://bugs.phpwebgallery.net/view.php?id=564 [^] ?
VDigital (reporter)
2007.01.21 09:50

Vu. Mais...

 o Historique des connexions (coché)
On le laisse ou on le cache, on décide quoi???
rvelices (developer)
2007.01.21 17:37

On cache
rvelices (developer)
2007.01.23 14:28

? hmmm petit souci d'heure sur le serveur ?
rvelices (developer)
2007.01.23 14:29

c'est bon maintenant

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