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0000712 [Piwigo] configuration block always 2007.06.25 04:25 2008.02.16 14:27
Reporter halotronic View Status public  
Assigned To rub
Priority normal Resolution fixed Platform lamp
Status closed   OS linux
Projection none   OS Version debian sid
ETA none Fixed in Version 1.7.2 Product Version 1.7.0
  Target Version Product Build
Summary 0000712: PWG-ERROR-VERSION on remote synchronization
Description First the error occured to me after an upgrade 1.6.2 -> 1.7.0 which went mostly fine otherwise. Then I made a fresh 1.7.0 installation which went fine. Both on upgrade and on fresh installation I replaced create_listing_file.php with the new 1.7.0 version and created new listing.xml file, but left the remote side untouched otherwise (pictures and thumbnails).

In synchronization I selected "directories + files" and "display maximum informations" and deselecting "only perform a simulation".

The error on both upgrade and fresh installation:

"<SITE>/~jonas/foton//listing.xml] PWG-ERROR-VERSION (PhpWebGallery version differs on the remote site)"
Steps To Reproduce install, configure, add remote site, configure remote site, generate listing, synchronize.
Additional Information
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browser any
Database engine and version 4.1.11
PHP version 5.2.3
Web server Apache
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VDigital (reporter)
2007.06.25 07:12

"on fresh installation I replaced create_listing_file.php with the new 1.7.0 version and created new listing.xml file"

Perfect but try to customize your new create_listing_file.php and redo
halotronic (reporter)
2007.06.25 13:30

The things I changed in create_listing_file.php was $conf['gallery'] and
"$conf['use_exif'] = false;".
Everything else is default. The installation on master host site is default 1.7.0 except for not using and showing exif (configured in config_local.inc.php
halotronic (reporter)
2007.06.27 16:21

I debuged it, and here is what i found:
The problem is in RemoteSiteReader->Open;
In it, the remote "listing.xml" is read fine into $xml_content.

However the regexps in functions_xml.inc.php does not seem to work as the
getChild($xml_content, 'informations') returns nothing, which results in comparing nothing against 1.7.0, which results in PWG_ERROR_VERSION.

Why this fails for me but works for others maybe has to do with character encoding. I dont know. But wouldnt it be better to use some standard way of parsing the XML?
halotronic (reporter)
2008.02.15 17:35

I were going to completely rewrite the XML handling in pwg since there are so many problems with it, but the easier way was to do this:

In file: include/functions_xml.inc.php
In function: getChild

replace regex with: $regex = '/<'.$node.'.*>.*<\/'.$node.'>/';

VDigital (reporter)
2008.02.15 19:27

Could you open a topic in a forum and refer to this bug to analyze your problem and solution?
Thanks in advance.
rub (developer)
2008.02.16 11:56

See in french: http://forum.phpwebgallery.net/viewtopic.php?id=12707 [^]

There are a problem with "big" listing.xml with php5.

Add on functions_xml.inc.php after define( 'VAL_REG', '[^"]*' );
 ini_set("pcre.backtrack_limit", 9999999999);

I commit quickly a correction.
rub (developer)
2008.02.16 14:26

[Subversion] r2212 (1.7) and [Subversion] r2213 (Butterfly)

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2007.06.25 04:25 halotronic MySQL version => 4.1.11
2007.06.25 04:25 halotronic PHP version => 5.2.3
2007.06.25 04:25 halotronic Web server => Apache
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