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0000082Piwigosynchronizationpublic2005.02.17 19:382006.02.15 03:31
Assigned Torvelices 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.4.0RC3 
Target VersionFixed in VersionBSF branch (dev) 
Summary0000082: Remote galleries and High quality pictures
DescriptionWhen i use an remote gallerie without pwg_high (directory and picture) i get an error in the logfile.
I think this is hard to change but the apache error logfile can grow big on large galleries when there are not high quality pictures on that site.
This problem exist also in RC1 and RC2
I use: Apache 2.0.52 / Php 4.3.10 in safe mode
Additional InformationSee forum ID: 3224

When there is no directory pwg_high:
[Mon Feb 14 13:54:57 2005] [error] [client x.x.x.x] File does not exist: /<location>/http/galleries/bowling/pwg_high

When there is not an corresponding high quality file:
[Mon Feb 14 14:08:21 2005] [error] [client x.x.x.x] File does not exist: <location>/<website>/http/galleries/bowling/pwg_high/<file>.jpg

TagsNo tags attached.
Database engine and version
PHP version4.3.10 (Safe mode)
Web serverApache 2.0.52
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plg (manager)
2005.03.16 21:08

Said on the forum

> A simple solution would be to search HQ pictures during files
> synchronization, and not in picture.php anymore.
> I don't think it would be smart to add this in 1.4.0 but maybe in
> 1.4.1.
rvelices (developer)
2006.02.01 02:54

added new column has_high in images table, modified create_listing_file and remote_site update
plg (manager)
2006.02.01 20:54

I've read your [Subversion] r1020 differences. Here are my thoughts:

- why is column #images.has_high enum('true') and not enum ('true', 'false') like all other true/false column in PWG ?

- why limitating high_quality search to remote site ? In my opinion, it should also be done in local synchronization (update.php).

- how do you manage already existing remote sites ? I mean that #images.has_high is filled only at line creation, no update in admin/remote_site.php

Thanks for your commit :-)
rvelices (developer)
2006.02.01 22:54

My answers:
- if high does not exist, creating_listing_file does not set the attribute (smaller xml files), so without changing something in mass_inserts or mass_update, this means it tries to put null in the column - initially I wrote true,false but I changed afterwards. If you think that (true,false) is better for clarity or whatever, I will change it

- You're right but I will post something about local/remote on the forum

- You're right again, I thought about it, same as above - on the forum
plg (manager)
2006.02.01 23:30

> If you think that (true,false) is better for clarity or whatever,
> I will change it

The problem with NULL is that I don't know if it means "maybe" or "no high". It might be smart to have a three value enum : true/false/unknown. 'unknown' filled by default. 'unknown' means picture.php have to check.

BTW, you never need to change mass_insert or mass_update, just change the data array passed to the function. In your example, if you had an enum true/false and false filled by default, you wouldn't have to modify code neither.

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2005.02.17 19:38 eelko New Issue
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2005.02.17 19:38 eelko PHP version => 4.3.10 (Safe mode)
2005.02.17 19:38 eelko Web server => Apache 2.0.52
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2006.02.01 02:54 rvelices Note Added: 0000594
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2006.02.01 02:54 rvelices Resolution open => fixed
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2006.02.01 20:54 plg Resolution fixed => reopened
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2006.02.01 22:54 rvelices Note Added: 0000600
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2006.02.15 03:31 rvelices Status feedback => closed
2006.02.15 03:31 rvelices Resolution reopened => fixed
2006.02.15 03:31 rvelices Fixed in Version => BSF branch (dev)

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