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0000893 [Piwigo] warnings minor always 2008.10.14 12:49 2008.10.15 06:51
Reporter rvelices View Status public  
Assigned To rub
Priority normal Resolution fixed Platform
Status closed   OS
Projection none   OS Version
ETA none Fixed in Version 2.0.0RC4 Product Version 2.0.0RC2
  Target Version Product Build
Summary 0000893: 404 errors on template-common/lib/ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-en.js
Description this file does not exist, but there is an attempt to load on every hit ...
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browser any
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Web server Apache 1.3.x
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rub (developer)
2008.10.14 14:02

I thought that the function known_script check if file exists.

I can to add a ui.datepicker-en.js but it's not product by jQuery. And that not fix issue for other languages.

I can modify function known_script, if file don't exist script are not included.
I can add $params['check_exist'] by default true in order to check the existence of file.
rvelices (developer)
2008.10.14 15:24

The problem is that src is an url, not a path, so if you're using question_marks_in_url=false, then it will not work. Also it's going to be slow if full urls are used ...

What about: {if $lang_info.code!='en'}...{/if}
rub (developer)
2008.10.14 16:35

I wanted only check exist file with relative src path...
But with full path (http on other site for example) we can be have pb.

I will follow your advise and use {if $lang_info.code == 'fr' || $lang_info.code == 'etc'...}...{/if}.
There are not operator "in" with smarty?
rvelices (developer)
2008.10.14 18:27

no there is no in operator in smarty... anyway given the number of translations in datepicker compared to ours, we could start with a simple test !='en'
rub (developer)
2008.10.14 19:08

Or I can do a replace of en to uk?

Like $$lang_info.code|replace:'en':'uk'
rub (developer)
2008.10.14 22:40

A fix like [Subversion] r2739 is correct for you?
rvelices (developer)
2008.10.14 22:59

$filename = get_root_url()."tem .....

is not really good... root_url is an url not a path... I'd rather use ROOT_PATH for file_exists and get_root_url for script src=...

not sure what the others will think about putting direct php in the templates... I never used it just to keep the separation clear, but why not ... (as long as we dont set the secutity settings in php ...)
rub (developer)
2008.10.14 23:10

> not sure what the others will think about putting direct php in the templates...
Yes, me too, I am not sure that will be the good solution.

I'd rather really do the file_exists on know_script function.
Pat (developer)
2008.10.14 23:16
edited on: 2008.10.14 23:17

Sinon, tout simplement:

{if $ROOT_URL|@cat:"template-common/lib/ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-"|@cat:$lang_info.code|@cat:".js"|@file_exists}
{known_script id="jquery.ui.datepicker-$lang_info.code" src=$ROOT_URL|@cat:"template-common/lib/ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-"|@cat:$lang_info.code|@cat:".js"}

PS: je viens de vérifier, ca fonctionne impec.

Pat (developer)
2008.10.14 23:26

En un poil plus clair, ca donne:

{assign var="datepicker_language" value=$ROOT_URL|@cat:"template-common/lib/ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-"|@cat:$lang_info.code|@cat:".js"}

{if $datepicker_language|@file_exists}
{known_script id="jquery.ui.datepicker-$lang_info.code" src=$datepicker_language}
rvelices (developer)
2008.10.14 23:30

ca fonctionne en admin mais pas sur picture ou index si conf['question_mark_in_urls']=false
rub (developer)
2008.10.15 00:43

J'aime bien l'idée de P@t, je ne savais pas qu'on pouvait utiliser n'importe quelle fonction php.

Pour avoir le path et l'url, il suffit de faire:

{assign var="datepicker_language" value="template-common/lib/ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-"|@cat:$lang_info.code|@cat:".js"}

{if "PHPWG_ROOT_PATH"|@constant|@cat:$datepicker_language|@file_exists}
{known_script id="jquery.ui.datepicker-$lang_info.code" src=$ROOT_URL|@cat:$datepicker_language}

C'est ok pour vous comme ca?
rvelices (developer)
2008.10.15 00:47

ca m'a lair bon ... si @constant ca marche ...
rub (developer)
2008.10.15 06:50

@constant fonctionne et affiche ./ ;-)
rub (developer)
2008.10.15 06:51

[Subversion] r2743 & [Subversion] r2744

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