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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0003192 albumsfeaturenew2015.01.26photos sort order in album, move several at once
   0003191 configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2015.01.26use creation date for "recent photos" (instead of posted date)
   0003189 installation & upgradefeatureassigned (plg)2015.01.26Proxy support for update / install plugins and core of piwigo
   0003190 metadatafeatureassigned (mistic100)2015.01.13Datetime picker, can't change year on Chrome & IE11
   0003188 otherminorassigned (mistic100)2015.01.09history search, trailing space in dates
   00031821image processingfeaturenew2014.12.31Add Support for Raw Files and Generalize Support for Uploading Images
   00031851uploadtweakassigned (mistic100)2014.12.16Add upload progress favicon
   0003184 albumsmajornew2014.12.08Folders get duplicated by unknown reason
   00031792displaymajornew2014.11.24Photo page buttons do not work in Chrome Safari but ok in Mozilla also IE
   0003181 image processingminornew2014.11.22pwg_representatives May not be Unique
   0003180 albumsminorassigned (plg)2014.11.22check for deleted albums in images_integrity()
   00027295navigationminorfeedback2014.11.20Bad Request with $conf['picture_url_style'] = 'id-file'
   00031762databaseminornew2014.11.16Image download through "Download this file" corrupted due to "<pre></pre>" at beginning of jpeg
   0003175 searchfeatureassigned (plg)2014.11.13option to perform an exact match on word search
   00031741configurationminorassigned (plg)2014.11.12avoid using load_conf_from_db
   0003173 users & groupsminornew2014.11.12impossible to edit a user on touch screens (iPad)
   0003172 albumsfeaturenew2014.11.10Album sort order
   0003151 installation & upgrademajornew2014.11.03can't customize urls if PATH_INFO is undefined
   0003170 users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.11.03username with single quote can't connect
   0003169 authenticationminornew2014.11.02When using external authentication JSON fails when external users table has field named level
   00027582synchronizationtweaknew2014.10.31Unable to synchronize directories starting with special names
   0003125 templateminorassigned (flop25)2014.10.28Missing password.tpl into smartpocket theme
   0003167 notificationminornew2014.10.28invisible character in the title of email?
   0003166 notificationminornew2014.10.28bad unescaping of characters
   00031641web APIminorassigned (plg)2014.10.26PHP warnings befor json or xml output renders output unusable
   0003160 albumsminorassigned (plg)2014.10.14upload error not report to user with new HTML5 form
   00030522tagsminorassigned (flop25)2014.10.14Tags for parent album without images
   0003161 tagsminornew2014.10.12Special letter "?" in tags doesn't works
   0003155 securityminorassigned (plg)2014.10.11prevent discovering hidden tags from URL
   0003154 uploadmajorassigned (plg)2014.10.11Hidding warning on php config stops upload tasks
   0003135 mobiletweakassigned (laurent_duretz)2014.10.11Le navigateur mobile n'est pas reconnu
   0003108 albumsmajornew2014.10.11Sorting won't work on the categories/flat page
   0003097 searchminorassigned (plg)2014.10.11adapt SmartPocket to new search template
   0003066 users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.10.11increase performances for sync_users
   0002935 photosmajoracknowledged2014.10.11[Smartpocket ] Not compatible with $conf['original_url_protection']
   00030304synchronizationcrashnew2014.10.01Sync fail with files containing ' (apostrophe) in filename
   00031462users & groupsminorassigned (mistic100)2014.10.01User cannot change its theme
   00022823securitytrivialnew2014.09.25Email address containing apostrophe invalid due to magic quotes
   0003144 mobileminorassigned (flop25)2014.09.22Enhancement request for ability to quickly download picture when using the Mobile Theme
   0003140 albumsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.09.16turn album date display into a user interface option
   0003137 databaseminornew2014.09.09md5sum is not saved if photos are uploaded with FTP
   00030964authenticationmajornew2014.09.04URL protection for derivative images/item, not only for original image
   00028011othertweakassigned (plg)2014.09.01[Batch Manager] Find duplicates based on md5sum
   00031064otherfeatureassigned (mistic100)2014.09.01Batch Manager improvements
   0003081 photosfeaturenew2014.08.24Admin rating, filter by album
   0002990 albumsminornew2014.08.24photos sort order in album and AJAX load
   0002955 metadatafeatureassigned (plg)2014.08.24configure separator for IPTC keywords
   0002954 user commentsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.08.24direct link to user comments from main page
   0002952 configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2014.08.24ability to hide admin links on gallery side
   0002903 displayminorassigned (plg)2014.08.24maximum length of photo description in thumbnail tooltip as configuration setting
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