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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   000281011photosminorfeedback (plg)2014.08.22[Batch Manager] Predefined filter: Duplicates options
   00031192templateminornew2014.08.20allow @import(external URL) when combine css
   00031221displayfeatureassigned (flop25)2014.08.15code behind "Guest settings" now outdated
   00031235authenticationfeaturenew2014.08.15Allow easier sharing of URL with identification.php?redirect=...
   00006105otherfeaturenew2014.08.14Add news from piwigo.org on admistration introduction page
   00031111users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.08.13Useless test block in include/functions_user.inc.php
   0003078 pluginsminorassigned (plg)2014.08.10ZLib issues on Ubuntu (and other OS's)
   0003109 image processingcrashnew2014.08.07Imagick dont process relative path on Windows
   0003108 albumsmajornew2014.08.03Sorting won't work on the categories/flat page
   00031063otherfeatureassigned (mistic100)2014.07.30Batch Manager improvements
   0003107 templatemajorassigned (mistic100)2014.07.30General template improvements
   0002972 templatefeaturenew2014.07.30Add Open Graph Metadata
   00031021users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.07.22User list Admin page: search
   00031011tagsminorassigned (rvelices)2014.07.21Allow multi language tags to be recognized from selectize or metadata sync
   00031001otherminorassigned (rvelices)2014.07.21display IP address of comment author on admin page
   00028073albumsminorassigned (plg)2014.07.08user interface option to display album dates
   0003099 languageminorassigned (mistic100)2014.07.07use IntlDateFormatter in format_date
   00030392mobilemajornew2014.07.03Mobile skin doesn't work on Firefox mobile
   0003000 mobileminorassigned (plg)2014.07.03Firefox OS smartphones not detected as mobile
   00028241mobileminornew2014.07.03Failed to detect smartphone on Symbian with Opera Mobile
   0002795 mobileminornew2014.07.03Grum Plugins prevent mobile/desktop theme switch on iOS devices
   0003097 searchminorassigned (plg)2014.07.01adapt SmartPocket to new search template
   00030963authenticationmajornew2014.06.28URL protection for derivative images/item, not only for original image
   0003092 securityfeaturenew2014.06.16Resetting password should deactivate current user sessions
   00030104otherminorfeedback (mistic100)2014.06.15Delete trigger_action and trigger_event
   0003074 photosminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11[Batch Manger] unit mode, form not validated with many photos
   00030711image processingminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11Missing conf_update_param() used in
   0003064 user commentsminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11$conf['comments_page_nb_comments'] = 'all' breaks comments admin page
   00030631users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11[user manager] unexpected sort order for usernames
   00028681users & groupsminornew2014.06.11Status modification unable when a user is set as default user
   0003087 notificationfeatureassigned (plg)2014.06.05album notification, select users in addition to groups
   0003084 albumsminornew2014.05.25Batch-managing a since-deleted album gives SQL error
   0003083 web APIfeatureassigned (plg)2014.05.23publish supported file types for upload
   0003081 photosfeaturenew2014.05.19Admin rating, filter by album
   00030061otherminorassigned (plg)2014.03.31mark visits from bots
   0003066 users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.03.28increase performances for sync_users
   00028822photostweakassigned (plg)2014.03.25warning on tag insert when using back button on photo admin page
   0002935 photosmajoracknowledged2014.03.25[Smartpocket ] Not compatible with $conf['original_url_protection']
   0003052 tagsminornew2014.03.03Tags for parent album without images
   0003049 templatefeaturenew2014.02.20Add filter box to narrow plugin list in 'other plugins' tab
   0003047 web APIfeaturenew2014.02.13missing author information in pwg.categories.getImages and pwg.tags.getImages
   000299917otherminornew2014.02.11Clean and complete DocBlock for PHPDocumentor
   00030301synchronizationcrashnew2014.01.24Sync fail with files containing ' (apostrophe) in filename
   0003028 languageminornew2014.01.24Allow different calendar
   0003034 configurationminornew2014.01.24from menu config->template, automaticly edit a TPL in LocalFileEdit
   0003026 templateminornew2014.01.18Extended Description and Smart Pocket theme
   0003022 templatefeaturenew2014.01.18Add a CSS class to the pictures number in the breadcrumb
   0003018 uploadminornew2014.01.13Exif_read_data warning when uploading pictures
   00027294navigationminorfeedback2014.01.10Bad Request with $conf['picture_url_style'] = 'id-file'
   00027691configurationminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12On admin.php?page=user_list zero values are accepted
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