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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0003072 pluginsminorassigned (flop25)2014.04.14New default plugin Take A Tour
   0003071 image processingminornew2014.04.09Missing conf_update_param() used in
   00030624uploadminornew2014.04.01IO Error
   00030682users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.04.01[user manager] empty user list with Internet Explorer 8
   0003067 uploadfeatureassigned (plg)2014.03.31upload any file type
   00030061otherminorassigned (plg)2014.03.31mark visits from bots
   00030631users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.03.28[user manager] unexpected sort order for usernames
   0003066 users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2014.03.28increase performances for sync_users
   0003064 user commentsminorassigned (plg)2014.03.27$conf['comments_page_nb_comments'] = 'all' breaks comments admin page
   0003061 albumsminorassigned (plg)2014.03.25manual order becomes automatic order
   00028822photostweakassigned (plg)2014.03.25warning on tag insert when using back button on photo admin page
   00028681users & groupsminornew2014.03.25Status modification unable when a user is set as default user
   0002935 photosmajoracknowledged2014.03.25[Smartpocket ] Not compatible with $conf['original_url_protection']
   0003046 languagefeaturenew2014.03.20Add option "force_fallback" to load_language
   00030391displaymajornew2014.03.19Mobile skin doesn't work on Firefox mobile
   0003052 tagsminornew2014.03.03Tags for parent album without images
   00030512notificationmajorresolved (eric)2014.03.02Missing render_category_name trigger in admin/album_notification.php
   00030482templatefeaturenew2014.02.24apply jquery chosen on some album related files
   0003050 authenticationminorassigned (rvelices)2014.02.24User activation_key expiration
   0003049 templatefeaturenew2014.02.20Add filter box to narrow plugin list in 'other plugins' tab
   0003047 web APIfeaturenew2014.02.13missing author information in pwg.categories.getImages and pwg.tags.getImages
   000299917otherminornew2014.02.11Clean and complete DocBlock for PHPDocumentor
   00030411pluginsfeatureassigned (mistic100)2014.02.06Give include path to add_event_handler
   0003038 configurationtweaknew2014.02.04update $conf un conf_update_param()
   00027003displaytweakassigned (flop25)2014.01.26Bread Crumbs Overlaping
   00030301synchronizationcrashnew2014.01.24Sync fail with files containing ' (apostrophe) in filename
   0003028 languageminornew2014.01.24Allow different calendar
   0003034 configurationminornew2014.01.24from menu config->template, automaticly edit a TPL in LocalFileEdit
   0003026 templateminornew2014.01.18Extended Description and Smart Pocket theme
   0003022 templatefeaturenew2014.01.18Add a CSS class to the pictures number in the breadcrumb
   0003018 uploadminornew2014.01.13Exif_read_data warning when uploading pictures
   00027294navigationminorfeedback2014.01.10Bad Request with $conf['picture_url_style'] = 'id-file'
   0003013 templateminorassigned (mistic100)2013.12.24Clean batch manager global
   00027691configurationminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12On admin.php?page=user_list zero values are accepted
   00026167uploadfeaturenew2013.12.12Enable HTML5 File Upload features
   0003000 templateminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12Firefox OS smartphones not detected as mobile
   0002966 languageminorassigned (ddtddt)2013.12.12and %d virtual string with trailing whitespace
   0002990 albumsminornew2013.12.12photos sort order in album and AJAX load
   0002955 metadatafeatureassigned (plg)2013.12.12configure separator for IPTC keywords
   0002954 user commentsfeatureassigned (plg)2013.12.12direct link to user comments from main page
   0002952 configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2013.12.12ability to hide admin links on gallery side
   0002903 displayminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12maximum length of photo description in thumbnail tooltip as configuration setting
   0002850 othermajornew2013.12.12Delete pwg_high and thumbnails folders
   00028093albumsfeatureassigned (plg)2013.12.12[albums] Sort by Date
   0002807 albumsminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12user interface option to display album dates
   00027661configurationminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12Set TimeZone for Piwigo History
   00026791photosminoracknowledged2013.12.12Change the Photo Time as well as the Date
   00026292uploadfeaturenew2013.12.12Able to update pictures based on the filename
   00020814albumsfeatureassigned (plg)2013.12.12options for photo deletion when deleting an album
   0003010 otherminorassigned (mistic100)2013.12.12Delete trigger_action and trigger_event
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