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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002653    pluginsminornew2012.06.14Add a trigger event "user_logged_out" at the end of the logout_user function
  0002624    albumsminornew2012.04.25Extended description plugin - the [cat=xx] tag doesn't work
  0002595    notificationminornew2012.03.18Redirect readers of notification to the main page category of the wiews
  0002592    authenticationminornew2012.03.13After successful password change, main window keeps showing 'enter new password' messages
  00008134   metadatafeatureassigned (plg)2012.03.04Ajouter d'autres champs IPTC aux tags
  0002582    photosmajornew2012.02.20Zero month bug
  00025601   otherminornew2012.01.31Administrator basket empty when photo selected on thumbnail view
  0002556    uploadminornew2012.01.21Author information is not getting Updated
  0002547    albumsfeaturenew2012.01.02Apply authorization to sub-album on creation, if the parent album is private.
  00022522   albumsminornew2011.12.25The menu is not in "compact mode" when you view the Batch Manager
  0002521    albumsminornew2011.11.28"Allow a new random representative" not work
  00025182   authenticationminornew2011.11.24do not display identification page when identified
  00016183   searchfeaturefeedback2011.11.17Using the (Quick) Search-tool to search through user comments.
  0002039    searchminorassigned (Gotcha)2011.11.11When research does not give any result
  0002485    photosfeaturenew2011.10.27Feature request : ability to set a "default privacy level for photos" on the main configuration page
  0002475    databaseminornew2011.10.17mysql error after uploading photos using flash photo upload
  0002468    photosminornew2011.10.12All batch management action should send a redirection
  00016151   notificationminornew2011.10.08Allow users to register themselves at the NBM
  0002461    photosfeaturenew2011.10.07Add pagination/actions on both top and bottom for batch manager
  00024422   templateminornew2011.09.18Page metadata not rendered even if $meta_ref is set to true
  0002443    installation & upgrademinornew2011.09.18Testing the version of PHP to upgrade
  00024191   users & groupstweakassigned (plg)2011.09.05Admin notification of a new user and special characters
  00007611   otherminorconfirmed2011.09.01it creates thumbnails in sub-repertories in /thumbnails folders
  00023981   users & groupsfeaturenew2011.08.10Ability to delete his own account for user
  0001977    user commentsfeaturenew2011.08.09Comments need to be Ajaxified
  0002392    users & groupsminornew2011.08.06Space on login : bug on confirm mail (administrator)
  0002389    configurationminornew2011.08.05Need option for enable the photo description
  00023811   users & groupsfeaturenew2011.07.21Generate private URLs for easy sharing of private albums
  0002357    uploadfeaturenew2011.06.21add a new new trigger for the end of an upload process
  00011881   users & groupsfeaturenew2011.06.06[Admin panel] Permit admins to create users with single and non mandatory password type and email
  0002327    photosminornew2011.06.05Create better configuration for Download Button
  00005003   navigationfeaturenew2011.05.30View N thumbnails on the page, or all
  0002190    navigationfeaturenew2011.05.25more sort options
  0002300    displayminornew2011.05.09Impossible to load a distant picture in combined CSS
  0002290    web APIminornew2011.05.01pwg.images.exist generates malformed XML
  0001703    users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2011.04.04[Evolution] Sorting users list table
  0002227    photosminorassigned (rvelices)2011.03.22Problem with downloading images by a user
  00022232   configurationfeaturenew2011.03.18use jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget to apply a TE to several themes
  0002204    otherfeaturenew2011.02.26[Evolution] Deleting physical albums if empty
  00017822   securityminorassigned (plg)2011.02.08default privacy level for registered users
  00010732   securityfeatureassigned (plg)2011.02.08default privacy level for photos
  0000919    notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2011.01.18link on comment/photo missing in notification email
  00014516   languageminorassigned2011.01.18Improve localization and internationalization
  00019574   notificationfeatureassigned (Gotcha)2011.01.18RSS feeds improvement
  0001783    users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2011.01.18set a user as default values user
  0001662    pluginsfeatureassigned (grum)2011.01.18managing dependencies between plugins
  0001540    configurationminorconfirmed (plg)2011.01.18To make so that the history is optional as of the installation
  0000956    users & groupsfeaturenew2011.01.18store filtering preference for user
  0000954    users & groupsfeaturenew2011.01.18use session parameters instead of url parameters for user list filtering
  00009063   notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2011.01.18email notification at photo level on new comment
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