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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001118    warningstextnew2009.08.11Allows warnings message in good area text
  0000521    image processingminorassigned (rub)2009.08.11Timeout pour recherche/création miniatures et add_index
  00007784   notificationminoracknowledged2009.08.11Comment notification
  00010482   otherfeatureassigned (plg)2009.07.29automatically hide the Newsletter subscribe link once subscribed
  00008401   searchtweaknew2009.07.29Searches are never deleted
  00002271   albumsfeatureassigned (laurent_duretz)2009.07.29Gestion des thumbs dans sites distants
  00009962   otherfeatureassigned (repie38)2009.07.27Caddie management section for unit mode
  0001074    metadatafeaturenew2009.07.24Admin Instructions for (categories and) pictures
  00010544   user commentsfeatureassigned (rub)2009.07.18Auto-approval and anti-flood disabled
  0001050    synchronizationminornew2009.07.13Delete a category: "0 images deleted" displayed although content of the cat is removed
  00010442   authenticationminornew2009.07.09check_status(ACCESS_GUEST) is too limited
  0000942    templateminorassigned (rvelices)2009.06.18[search results] forgotten CSS
  0000992    warningstrivialnew2009.05.12mysql_free_result
  0000991    albumsfeaturenew2009.05.12"Link elements to a new category" in "manage category elements" page
  0000985    navigationminorconfirmed2009.05.04starting slideshow from picture page view count +1 and should not
  00009794   otherfeaturenew2009.04.29Casser Frame Google et autres
  0000970    configurationfeaturenew2009.04.15configuration option to ignore some directories in sync process
  0000969 1 displayminornew2009.04.09Proposition d'un plugin dérivé de Front2Back
  00008963   otherfeaturenew2009.03.24Ajout d'un trigger pendant la synchronisation des fichiers
  0000957    searchminornew2009.03.21Quicksearch can miss some result based on picture names
  0000930    templateminornew2009.03.04Séparation contenue / contenant pour le nombre d'images
  000091731 metadataminorfeedback (plg)2009.01.27EXIF data on .avi files
  00008113   searchfeatureacknowledged (plg)2009.01.24Permettre la recherche sur de nouveaux champs de BBD (IPTC)
  00009033   navigationminorassigned (rub)2008.11.22Manque le bouton annuler lors de l'upload au niveau des miniatures
  00008624   displayfeaturenew2008.09.19Specials > My favorites should not be displayed till the member has no favorites
  00004156   metadatafeaturenew2008.09.07Files/database sychronisation of the EXIF metadata (datetimeOriginal)
  00008271   navigationfeatureassigned (VDigital)2008.09.06Random category representatives can be filtered on their size
  00008552   displaytweaknew2008.09.04Thumbnail creation
  000084911 navigationminoracknowledged2008.09.03Remarks about configuration menu
  00002854   synchronizationfeaturenew2008.08.05separate structure synchronization and metadata synchronization
  0000822    albumsfeaturenew2008.07.06Assume permalink creation at category creation time based on logical / physical name
  000069811 albumsfeaturenew2008.07.05Catégoriser facilement des images selon leur nom
  0000446    otherfeaturenew2008.07.05Message si aucune image ajoutée dans la gallerie
  00001483   users & groupsfeatureassigned (plg)2008.07.05Utilisateur modèle
  00006671   uploadminorconfirmed2008.07.04Toutes les informations ne sont pas associées à l'image.
  00006124   installation & upgrademinorfeedback (plg)2008.07.04Problème lors de la mise à jour
  00006813   authenticationminornew2008.05.16la description des pages est dynamique, idem pour les mots clés
  0000824    otherminornew2008.05.04To post IP in the comment for the admin
  00000192   synchronizationfeaturefeedback2008.05.02compare pictures date for update
  00008041   otherminornew2008.02.15mise a jour du mot de passe mal exploitée par les plugin phpBB et PunBB
  00003214   languagefeaturefeedback2008.02.15Show language choice on main page
  00007392   notificationminoracknowledged2008.01.29affichage erreur envoi notification
  00007884   albumsminorconfirmed2008.01.29mysql error 1048] Column 'nb_images' cannot be null
  00006402   albumsminorfeedback2008.01.29Bug sur la suppression de miniatures
  0000701    installation & upgrademinornew2008.01.29Procédure incomplète lorsque les thèmes personnalisés ne sont pas chargés préalablement à l'upgrade
  00006852   languageminorassigned (plg)2008.01.29Categories without pictures get l10n warning messages
  00006781   minorassigned (rub)2008.01.29réinitialisation de la base lors de la synchronisation
  00006732   albumsminorfeedback2008.01.29Erreurs SQL lors de la suppression d'une categorie virtuelle déjà supprimée
  0000785    tagsfeaturenew2007.12.22Image alt tag using iptc keywords
  00007741   otherfeatureassigned (rub)2007.11.01Statistics & plugin triggers => multi history
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