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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0003064 user commentsminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11$conf['comments_page_nb_comments'] = 'all' breaks comments admin page
   00030631users & groupsminorassigned (plg)2014.06.11[user manager] unexpected sort order for usernames
   00028681users & groupsminornew2014.06.11Status modification unable when a user is set as default user
   0003087 notificationfeatureassigned (plg)2014.06.05album notification, select users in addition to groups
   0003084 albumsminornew2014.05.25Batch-managing a since-deleted album gives SQL error
   0003047 web APIfeaturenew2014.02.13missing author information in pwg.categories.getImages and pwg.tags.getImages
   000299917otherminornew2014.02.11Clean and complete DocBlock for PHPDocumentor
   0003028 languageminornew2014.01.24Allow different calendar
   0003034 configurationminornew2014.01.24from menu config->template, automaticly edit a TPL in LocalFileEdit
   0003026 templateminornew2014.01.18Extended Description and Smart Pocket theme
   0003022 templatefeaturenew2014.01.18Add a CSS class to the pictures number in the breadcrumb
   0003018 uploadminornew2014.01.13Exif_read_data warning when uploading pictures
   00027294navigationminorfeedback2014.01.10Bad Request with $conf['picture_url_style'] = 'id-file'
   00027691configurationminorassigned (plg)2013.12.12On admin.php?page=user_list zero values are accepted
   0002966 languageminorassigned (ddtddt)2013.12.12and %d virtual string with trailing whitespace
   0002362 albumsfeaturenew2013.11.22add a function to find a representant of an album
   00027622synchronizationmajorassigned (plg)2013.10.29Using the ' (aphostrophe) character in filenames/directory names let's sql queries fail
   0002991 albumsminornew2013.10.28photos sort order in album and limit on number of photos
   00029831users & groupsminornew2013.10.22Cleaning opened sessions when deleting user
   0002957 navigationminornew2013.09.09Popup "0"
   0002956 templateminornew2013.09.07template with optional URL parameter and no questions mark in url does not work
   0002945 navigationfeaturenew2013.07.15Allow plugins/users to add their own filters
   0002942 uploadminornew2013.07.14When using non-ascii chars as title when uploading throug the android app, the title is cut off
   0002930 displayminorassigned (flop25)2013.06.23Set one jquery ui css per admin theme
   0002914 albumsfeaturenew2013.05.30Create Album Workflow
   0002911 otherminoracknowledged2013.05.30Remove "As Guest" from default RSS feed
   0002913 otherminornew2013.05.30RSS feed does not pass W3C Feed Validation Service
   0002912 othermajornew2013.05.30RSS timezone does not obey to PHP setting
   0002910 templateminornew2013.05.30Template missing RSS meta tag
   0002906 albumsminornew2013.05.22Album sort order when moving or adding new albums
   0002902 photosfeaturenew2013.05.17[Batch Manager] configure default number of photos per page
   000289315image processingminornew2013.05.06Add WebP support
   00026899securitymajornew2013.04.30Piwigo should use https for authentication
   00027552metadataminornew2013.04.20Write Metadata to image files
   00028861tagsminornew2013.04.20Allow comma in tag
   00028121navigationfeaturenew2013.04.16 Previous/Next Navigation between Albums
   0002880 image processingminornew2013.03.24New settings to get through the "Original" link, the original picture WITH watermark
   0002879 image processingmajornew2013.03.23Generating thumbnails in Batch Manager not working on HTTPS ONLY setup
   00028462web APImajorfeedback (rvelices)2013.03.10pwg.images.search returns an error when called with f_* parameters
   0002853 image processingminornew2013.03.01an ampersand in album names prevents thumbnail generation
   00028131pluginsminornew2013.01.23[AMetaData] "Undefined offset" Notice error message with some JPEGs
   00028111uploadminornew2013.01.01The directories created in _data or upload have all the permissions
   0002817 otherfeaturenew2012.12.31Adding a 'rule' system, like the plugin SmartAlbum but for administration tasks
   00028031uploadminorassigned (plg)2012.12.13uploadify tries to invoke non-existing script
   0002792 pluginsfeaturenew2012.11.25[virtualize] Add parameters for the scheme used during move/rename
   00004126albumsfeaturefeedback2012.11.25Auto sort of the categories: add a auto sort per dir name
   0002789 displayminornew2012.11.22no ajax loading in calendar view
   0002759 otherfeatureassigned (rvelices)2012.11.19improve batch manager filters with "not in album(s)", "not in tag(s)" and also allow in multiple albums
   00026852templateminornew2012.11.19multi size : if every size is disabled, display the dropdown menu to display the thumb OR the orignal
   00026813installation & upgrademinorassigned (plg)2012.11.19the message "a new version is available" still displayed after upgrade
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