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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00008581   installation & upgrademinorassigned2010.10.24Add a wizard for installation.
  0001953 1 user commentsminornew2010.10.24User comments table not correct (GER language)
  0001836    authenticationminornew2010.08.31Negative boolean variable with $conf['case_sensitive_username']
  0001804    configurationmajornew2010.08.18Wrong URL when using $conf['question_mark_in_urls'] = false;
  0001798    warningsminornew2010.08.15errors
  00007101   metadatafeatureacknowledged (plg)2010.07.26Charset conversion of IPTC tags
  0001780    notificationfeaturenew2010.07.26Add the RSS feed for Comments only
  00017534   configurationminorassigned (plg)2010.07.26tag browsing fails if $conf['order_by'] does not start with a space character
  0001752    navigationmajorassigned (plg)2010.07.01incorrect home link for phpwebgallery veterans
  00012513   pluginsfeatureacknowledged (VDigital)2010.05.26Add a button to delete our template-extension
  0001681    pluginsminornew2010.05.25add upgrade function on the plugin manager
  00016852   securityminorassigned (plg)2010.05.24incorrect link to login page when access is denied
  00016512   navigationmajorassigned (plg)2010.05.11Random pictures goes back to gallery home
  00009991   configurationfeatureassigned (plg)2010.05.11tools/config_local.inc.php have to be removed
  0001647    pluginsfeaturenew2010.05.06Implement an error management on the plugin_deactivate and plugin_uninstall functions
  00015371   warningsfeaturenew2010.05.06Appearance of the messages of success and failure
  0001629    metadatafeaturenew2010.04.27Add HD size to picture table and collect data through a soft asynchronous process
  0001569    users & groupsminornew2010.04.03Change users statuses denomination in order to avoid confusion
  000082021 image processingcrashnew2010.03.31PHPWebGallery chrashes when trying to load large files (Fix included)
  0001536    installation & upgradeblocknew2010.03.25Installation and Upgrade could be executed on unsufficient MySQL release
  0001524    albumsfeaturenew2010.03.21Rendre parametrable les categories vides
  00014932   configurationminornew2010.03.19action "purge search history"
  0001512    displayfeaturenew2010.03.17random display of thumbnails of a category
  00001024   metadatamajorfeedback (laurent_duretz)2010.03.01Problem with accents when using listing.xml
  0001458    pluginsminornew2010.02.26installation automatique de plugins -> plugin non fonctionnel
  00014181   otherminornew2010.02.23Renaming redirect() function to pwg_redirect()
  0001436    pluginsminornew2010.02.15mail doesn't displayed in plugin addthis
  0001428    configurationminornew2010.02.12improvement for comments's management
  00014271   tagsfeaturenew2010.02.12replacement of the block tag by a block-related tags
  0001390 1 albumsminornew2010.01.22Incorrect treatment when F5 browser function-key is used
  00013561   pluginsfeaturenew2010.01.05[LocalFiles Editot] Possibility of managing several personnals-plugins
  0001354    uploadminornew2009.12.31"Upload a picture" link could be unavailable
  00008692   users & groupsfeaturenew2009.12.15[Evolution] To be able to display more columns in users management view
  0001300    notificationfeatureassigned (rub)2009.11.30Languages are not taken into account in the email notification
  0001287    image processingminorassigned (plg)2009.11.25wider file permissions for generated thumbnails
  00012582   warningsminorconfirmed2009.11.23Warning on history page when image has been deleted
  00012401   users & groupstweaknew2009.11.14Reset to default values is always setting true few options
  0001232    searchminornew2009.11.05Boolean operator NOT
  0001191    users & groupsfeaturenew2009.10.12droit HD sur certaines catégories seulement
  0001148    albumsfeaturenew2009.08.28Liens lors de la création de nouvelles catégories
  00011431   albumsfeaturenew2009.08.26[Enhancement] Possibility to physically move/change pictures from a category to an other
  0001118    warningstextnew2009.08.11Allows warnings message in good area text
  0000521    image processingminorassigned (rub)2009.08.11Timeout pour recherche/création miniatures et add_index
  00007784   notificationminoracknowledged2009.08.11Comment notification
  00010482   otherfeatureassigned (plg)2009.07.29automatically hide the Newsletter subscribe link once subscribed
  00008401   searchtweaknew2009.07.29Searches are never deleted
  00002271   albumsfeatureassigned (laurent_duretz)2009.07.29Gestion des thumbs dans sites distants
  00009962   otherfeatureassigned (repie38)2009.07.27Caddie management section for unit mode
  0001074    metadatafeaturenew2009.07.24Admin Instructions for (categories and) pictures
  00010544   user commentsfeatureassigned (rub)2009.07.18Auto-approval and anti-flood disabled
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