source: branches/2.1/admin/themes/default/ @ 6323

Revision 6323, 256 bytes checked in by plg, 9 years ago (diff)

merge r6320 from trunk to branch 2.1

bug 1667 fixed: r6027 was fixing a minor error on tabs for Google Chrome/Safari
BUT was introducing a major visual issue for IE8. Backmerged + adds the -webkit
radius anyway.

This is a quickfix for release 2.1.1, the improved display introduced by nikrou
was nice and it would be better to have it, but working in IE8

2$themeconf = array(
3  'name'          => 'default',
4  'icon_dir'       => 'themes/default/icon',
5  'admin_icon_dir' => 'admin/themes/default/icon',
6  'mime_icon_dir'  => 'themes/default/icon/mimetypes/',
7  'local_head'     => 'local_head.tpl',
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