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Implement metadata keywords to piwigo tags convert functionnalies
Add some help text

  • Property svn:executable set to *
1{foreach from=$datas key=name item=data}
2<li id="g{$group}t{$data.numId}" class="gcBgTabSheet">
3  <table class="tagListOrderItem">
4    <tr>
5      <td style="width:20px;"><img src="{$themeconf.admin_icon_dir}/cat_move.png" class="button drag_button" alt="{'Drag to re-order'|@translate}" title="{'Drag to re-order'|@translate}"/></td>
6      <td style="width:30%;">{$data.tagId}</td>
7      <td>{$}</td>
8      {if $data.pct!=''}
9        <td style="width:35px;text-align:right;">{$data.nbItems}</td>
10        <td style="width:50px;text-align:right;">{$data.pct}%</td>
11        <td style="width:104px;"><span class="pctBar{$}" style="display:inline-block;width:{$data.pct}px;"></td>
12      {/if}
13    </tr>
14  </table>
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