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Update en_UK, thanks to Kaare

3$lang['AntiAspi'] = 'AntiAspi';
4$lang['IP banned if '] = 'IP banned if ';
5$lang[' different pages viewed in'] = ' different pages viewed in';
6$lang['IP banned if same page viewed '] = 'IP banned if same page viewed ';
7$lang[' times viewed in <span></span> seconds'] = ' times viewed in <span></span> seconds';
8$lang['only guest'] = 'only guest';
9$lang['If yes, don\'t ban registered users'] = 'If yes, don\'t ban registered users';
10$lang['only picture'] = 'only picture';
11$lang['If yes, apply antiaspi only on picture page'] = 'If yes, apply antiaspi only on picture page';
12$lang['IP already allowed'] = 'IP already allowed';
14$lang['IP addresses'] = 'IP addresses';
15$lang['Banned IP addresses'] = 'Banned IP addresses';
16$lang['Delete all'] = 'Delete all';
17$lang['Delete deprecated only'] = 'Delete deprecated only';
18$lang['status-active'] = 'active';
19$lang['status-deprecated'] = 'deprecated';
20$lang['Whitelist (allowed ip addresses)'] = 'Whitelist (allowed IP addresses)';
21$lang['Add allowed IP'] = 'Add allowed IP';
22$lang['Add IP'] = 'Add IP';
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