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2$lang['Comments action'] = '評論行動';
3$lang['Moderate'] = '中等';
4$lang['Picture comments'] = '圖片評論';
5$lang['Register form'] = '註冊表格';
6$lang['Preview'] = '預覽';
7$lang['Guestbook'] = '訪客留言本';
8$lang['Contact form'] = '聯繫表單';
9$lang['Album comments'] = '相冊評論';
10$lang['Activate on'] = '在何處啟用';
11$lang['Challenge'] = '挑戰';
12$lang['Pleaser answer'] = '請回答';
13$lang['Tic-tac-toe minigame'] = '井字小遊戲';
14$lang['Tic-tac-toe options'] = '井字遊戲選項';
15$lang['To verify you are a human, please place the <b>%s</b> in the most right box bellow.'] = '為了驗證你是一個人,請放置 <b>%s</b> 在下面最右邊的框中。';
16$lang['You are player X, click on the right case to complete the line.'] = '您是玩家X,請點擊正確的情況來完成線。';
17$lang['We detected that Crypto Captcha plugin is available on your gallery. Both plugins can be used at the same time, but you should not under any circumstances activate both of them on the same page.'] = '我們檢測到加密驗證碼插件是在您的畫廊。這兩個插件可用於在同一時間,但你不應該在任何情況下,激活他們都在同一頁上。';
18$lang['You must activate JavaScript in your browser in order to be able to add a comment, sorry for the inconvenience.'] = '為了能夠添加評論,您必須在瀏覽器中啟用JavaScript,不便之處,深表歉意。';
19$lang['Background'] = '背景';
20$lang['Border'] = '邊界';
21$lang['Colors'] = '顏色';
22$lang['Drag & drop options'] = '拖放選項';
23$lang['Drop'] = '下降';
24$lang['Drop border'] = '刪除邊框';
25$lang['Image'] = '圖像';
26$lang['Image border'] = '圖像邊界';
27$lang['Image drag & drop'] = '圖像拖放';
28$lang['Image size'] = '圖像尺寸';
29$lang['Invalid answer'] = '答案無效';
30$lang['Invalid color code <i>%s</i>'] = '無效的顏色代碼的 <i>%s</i>';
31$lang['Marks'] = '商標';
32$lang['Number of images'] = '圖像數';
33$lang['Random'] = '隨機';
34$lang['Text'] = '文本';
35$lang['Theme'] = '主題';
36$lang['This challenge requires that JavaScript is enabled on the visitor browser. About 1% of Internet users have Javascript disabled.'] = '這一挑戰要求在訪問者的瀏覽器中啟用JavaScript。約1%的互聯網用戶已禁用JavaScript。';
37$lang['Nowhere'] = '無處不在';
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