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2// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
3// | PhpWebGallery - a PHP based picture gallery                           |
4// | Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Pierrick LE GALL - |
5// | Copyright (C) 2003-2007 PhpWebGallery Team - |
6// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
7$lang['submit'] = 'Submit';
8$lang['Title'] = 'Looks like GBo';
9$lang['llgbo_admin_plugin_title'] = 'This plugin manages the picture page layout.';
10$lang['llgbo_adim_settings_title'] = 'Plugin settings';
11$lang['llgbo_admin_tooltip_title'] = 'Tooltip settings';
12$lang['llgbo_admin_frame_title'] = 'Frame settings';
13$lang['llgbo_admin_header_title'] = 'Display/hide the header of each page';
14$lang['llgbo_tooltip']='Special tooltips (photos thumbnails) on mouseover ';
15$lang['llgbo_exifunderbt']='Special tooltip for EXIF on mouseover';
16$lang['llgbo_frame']='Manage a frame around the picture';
17$lang['llgbo_header']='Manage display header ';
18$lang['llgbo_maintain_header']='Maintain header on following pages';
19$lang['llgbo_usemap']='Add navigation bar on picture';
20$lang['llgbo_usemap_thumb']='Display thumbnails when navigation is active on picture ';
21$lang['llgbo_info']='     (^_^) Settings updated';
22$lang['llgbo_titleframe'] = 'Display picture title on the frame';
23$lang['llgbo_default_navthumb'] = 'Suppress Prev_Next thumbnails standard display';
24$lang['save'] = 'Save';
25$lang['preview'] = 'Preview';
26$lang['llgo_tooltip_width']= 'Tooltip width'; 
27$lang['llgo_tooltip_size']= 'Tooltip border width'; 
28$lang['llgbo_tooltip_bordercolor']= 'Tooltip border color';
29$lang['llgbo_tooltip_bgcolor']= 'Tooltip background color';
30$lang['llgbo_tooltip_titlecolor']= 'Tooltip title color';
31$lang['llgbo_tooltip_textcolor']= 'Tooltip text color';
32$lang['llgo_global_setting']= 'Piwigo picture page global settings';
33$lang['llgo_tooltip_setting']= 'Tooltip title';
34$lang['llgo_frame_setting']= 'Frame settings:' ;
35$lang['llgbo_frame_titlecolor']= 'Color for the title displayed on frame';
36$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor0']= 'Line 1 color ';
37$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor1']= 'Line 2 color ';
38$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor2']= 'Line 3 color ';
39$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor3']= 'Line 4 color ';
40$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor4']= 'Line 5 color ';
41$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor5']= 'Line 6 color ';
42$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor6']= 'Line 7 color ';
43$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor7']= 'Line 8 color ';
44$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor8']= 'Line 9 color ';
45$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor9']= 'Line 10 color';
46$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor10']= 'Line 11 color ';
47$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor11']= 'Line 12 color ';
48$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor12']= 'Line 13 color ';
49$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor13']= 'Line 14 color ';
50$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor14']= 'Line 15 color ';
51$lang['llgbo_frame_bdcolor15']= 'Line 16 color ';
52$lang['llgbo_frame_bdsize']= 'width';
53$lang['llgbo_M_frame'] = 'Frame management';
54$lang['llgbo_M_tooltip'] = 'Tooltip management';
55$lang['llgbo_M_manage'] = 'Global settings';
56$lang['llgbo_samples'] = 'Samples ';
57$lang['llgbo_frame']='Manage frame around the picture ';
58$lang['llgbo_header']='Manage header display';
59$lang['llgbo_M_header'] = 'Header display management';
60$lang['llgbo_header_home'] = 'Display header on Home page';
61$lang['llgbo_header_category'] = 'Display header on Category page';
62$lang['llgbo_header_category_filter_recent']= 'Display header on Category page (filter by recent)';
63$lang['llgbo_header_categories/flat']= 'Display header on Category page (option flat)' ;
64$lang['llgbo_header_category_posted_monthly']= 'Display header on Category page option calendar' ;
65$lang['llgbo_header_picture']= 'Display header on Picture page' ;
66$lang['llgbo_header_additional_page'] = 'Display header on Additional pages';
67$lang['llgbo_header_most_visited'] = 'Display header on Most visited page';
68$lang['llgbo_header_best_rated'] = 'Display header on Best rated page';
69$lang['llgbo_header_list']= 'Display header on Random pictures page';
70$lang['llgbo_header_recent_pics']= 'Display header on Recents pictures page';
71$lang['llgbo_header_created-monthly-calendar'] = 'Display header on Calendar page'; 
72$lang['llgbo_header_tags']= 'Display header on Tags page'; 
73$lang['llgbo_header_search']= 'Display header on Search page';
74$lang['llgbo_header_comments']= 'Display header on Comments page';
75$lang['llgbo_header_about']= 'Display header on About page';
76$lang['llgbo_header_notification']= 'Display header on Notification page';
77$lang['llgbo_header_register'] = 'Display header on Register page';
78$lang['llgbo_header_identification']= 'Display header on identification page';
79$lang['llgbo_header_favorites']= 'Display header on My Favorites page';
80$lang['llgbo_header_recent_cats']= 'Display header on Recent category page';
81$lang['llgbo_frame_sample']= 'Samples list ';
82$lang['previewsamples']= 'Display this sample';
83$lang['llgbo_alwaysdisplayexif'] = 'Always display METADATA:' ;
84$lang['Reset_To_Default'] = 'Reset to default values';
85$lang['llgo_warning_setting'] = 'to use with Gally themes, the plugin cl_conflit must be installed';
86$lang['llgbo_hdShadowbox'] ='Compliance HD Shadowbox and navigation on picture. <br> HD Shadowbox must be activated!';
87$lang['llgbo_dispinshadowbox'] ='Display in shadowbox --> ';
88// Translation to do
89$lang['llgbo_header_thePiwiShackControllerPage']= 'Display header on the plugin  PiwiShack Controller Page';
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