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[piwecard] add email improvements and stats in admin_management.php

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2//Permissions parameters
3$ecard_default_values['authorized_cats'] = 'selected';                          //Determine the albums from which the user can send ecard : 'all' (all categories the user can access), 'selected' (only the categories defined in the parameter 'selected_cats') or 'user' (only the categories which are named like the user)
4$ecard_default_values['selected_cats'] = array();                                       //List of categories where the plugin is active
5$ecard_default_values['user_cats_case_sensitive'] = true;                       //case-sensitive if authorized_cat = user
6$ecard_default_values['authorized_groups_users'] = 'all';                       //Determine the groups/users who can send ecard : 'all' (everybody), 'granted' (only the groups/users defined in the parameters 'selected_groups' and 'selected_users') or 'denied' (all the groups/users but those defined in the parameters 'selected_groups' and 'selected_users')
7$ecard_default_values['selected_groups'] = array();                                     //List of groups
8$ecard_default_values['selected_users'] = array();                                      //List of users
10//Configuration parameters
11$ecard_default_values['nb_max_recipients'] = 5;                                         //Max number of recipients
12$ecard_default_values['validity'] = array('0', '5', '10', '15');        //Number of days a card is available
13$ecard_default_values['validity_default'] = '10';                                       //Default number of days a card is available
14$ecard_default_values['validity_choice'] = true;                                        //Add function for a user to choose the valid duration of an ecard
15$ecard_default_values['image_border'] = array(                                          //Add a border to the image in the ecard page
16                                                        'display'       => false,
17                                                        'style'         => 'solid',
18                                                        'width'         => '5px',
19                                                        'color'         => 'FFFFFF',
21$ecard_default_values['sender_copy'] = false;                                           //Send a copy to sender
22$ecard_default_values['image_size'] = 'small';                                          //Size of the image in the ecard
23$ecard_default_values['sender_email_change'] = false;                           //Possibility for the user to change the sender email
24$ecard_default_values['email_format'] = array('text', 'html');          //Type of mail sent : 'text' or 'html' or both
25$ecard_default_values['email_format_default'] = 'html';                         //Default email format
26$ecard_default_values['email_format_authorized'] = array('text', 'html');       //Type of mail sent : 'text' or 'html' or both
27$ecard_default_values['show_image_infos'] = true;                                       //Default : show infos under the image in ecard
28$ecard_default_values['default_guest_email'] = '';                              //Default email used for guest user
29$ecard_default_values['email_subject'] = l10n('piwecard_default_email_subject');                                                //Subject of the email for plain text emails
30$ecard_default_values['email_message']['text'] = l10n('piwecard_default_email_message_text');
31$ecard_default_values['email_message']['html'] = l10n('piwecard_default_email_message_html');
33//Management parameters
34$ecard_default_values['nb_ecard_page'] = '10';                                          //Number of ecard per page listed in the admin page
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