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  • Using sha1 hash instead of md5 for password hashing in FluxBB because FluxBB uses prior sha1 hash and md5 only in last sentence.
  • Escaping all characters in login names and be able to retreive them without slashes - FluxBB does not allow this so Piwigo's user names with escaped characters will not been escaped in FluxBB (ie : "it's" in Piwigo will be "It\'s" in FluxBB)
  • Code refactoring
  • Full HTML 4.0 for tpl
  • Property svn:eol-style set to LF
2$lang['Tab_Info'] = 'Instructions';
3$lang['Tab_Manage'] = 'Step 1 : Plugin configuration';
4$lang['Tab_Migration'] = 'Step 2 : Accounts migration';
5$lang['Tab_Synchro'] = 'Maintenance : Accounts re-synchronization';
8$lang['Register_FluxBB_Title'] = 'Register FluxBB';
9$lang['Register_FluxBB_Disclaimer'] = '
10  *** To begin, follow this 2 steps ***<br/>
11  Step 1 : Set plugin with the parameters of FluxBB.<br/>
12  Step 2 : Migrate user accounts from Piwigo to FluxBB.<br/><br/>
13  After these 2 main steps, the plugin is fully functional and you will not have to return to this pages.<br/><br/>
14  *** For the maintenance of already active connections ***<br/>
15  Maintenance : Synchronize tables (in case an addition, an update or a user deletion mismatched) allows to update passwords and email addresses and see users intruder (But you should not need to use ).<br/><br/>
16  <b><blink>WARNING !! For safety, consider making a backup of your database, especially ###_user tables before any action.</blink></b>';
19$lang['Register_FluxBB_Config_Title'] = 'Plugin setup';
20$lang['Register_FluxBB_Config_Disclaimer'] = '
21  Check the settings of your FluxBB installation and correct them if necessary. <br/>
22  Change, if any, the behavior of the plugin at your convenience.';
23$lang['Register_FluxBB_FluxBB_Prefix'] = 'FluxBB Prefix tables :';
24$lang['Register_FluxBB_FluxBB_Admin'] = 'Username of the Piwigo administrator.';
25$lang['Register_FluxBB_Register_FluxBB_Guest'] = 'Username of the FluxBB Guest user.';
26$lang['Register_FluxBB_Register_FluxBB_User'] = '<b><u>FluxBB\'s administrator name must be the same</u></b>';
27$lang['Register_FluxBB_Details'] = 'Level of detail in reports of operations.';
28$lang['Register_FluxBB_Details_true'] = ' --&gt; View all details of the results of operations.';
29$lang['Register_FluxBB_Details_false'] = ' --&gt; Shows that most of the results of operations';
30$lang['Register_FluxBB_Del_Pt'] = 'Removal of topics and posts when the user is deleted.';
31$lang['Register_FluxBB_Del_Pt_true'] = ' --&gt; Delete all';
32$lang['Register_FluxBB_Del_Pt_false'] = ' --&gt; Don\'t delete topics and posts';
33$lang['Register_FluxBB_Confirm'] = 'Delete confirmation on the administration actions in the audit.';
34$lang['Register_FluxBB_Confirm_true'] = ' --&gt; Delete confirmation';
35$lang['Register_FluxBB_Confirm_false'] = ' --&gt; Confirmation mandatory before actions in audit';
36$lang['Register_FluxBB_No_Reg_advise'] = '<b>About the registration of users on the forum FluxBB</b><br/><br/>
37  For easiest way for your users, I advise you to change 2 things:<br/>
38  * In FluxBB\'s administration panel, change "Allow new registrations" to NO (in: Options - Registration)<br/><br/>
39  * Modify the file</b> : [FluxBBRoot]/lang/English/register.php<br/>
40  <b>By replacing the following line :</b><br/><br/>
41  \'No new regs\'                               =>      \'This forum is not accepting new users.\',<br/><br/>
42  <b>with :</b><br/><br/>
43  \'No new regs\'                               =>      \'&lt;a href=&quot;http://[YourPiwigoRoot]/register.php&quot; &gt; Go here to register &lt;/a&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;\',<br/>
44  <br/>
45  Of course you should also make the same change for other languages of your FluxBB forum.<br/>';
47$lang['Register_FluxBB_save_config'] ='Settings saved';
50$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_Btn'] = 'Audit';
51$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_Btn'] = 'Synchronization';
52$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_Title'] = 'Synchronize accounts from Piwigo to FluxBB';
53$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_Text'] = '
54  <b><u>You\'ve already used the plugin to link your Piwigo (plugin update) and / or your FluxBB forum is not empty of users!</u></b><br/>
55  <br/> -> This means that your forum owns users.<br/><br/>
56  - Synchronization detect the data by comparing the usernames, passwords (encrypted) and their email address in both tables [PrefixPWG]_user and [PrefixFluxBB]_user.<br/>
57  - Then update the table of correspondence as well as password and email address for each account from Piwigo to FluxBB except Piwigo Guest and FluxBB Anonymous.<br/>
58  - Finally indicate mislead orphaned accounts that exist only in one of the 2 ###_user tables.<br/>
59  <br/>
60  At the end of the operation, launch an audit and check for possible duplicates users in FluxBB. If so, delete the oldest (sorting FluxBB users according to their date of registration).<br/>';
61$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_Check_Dup'] = '<b>Analyzing tables of user accounts of Piwigo and FluxBB to control duplicates</b>';
62$lang['Register_FluxBB_Advise_Check_Dup'] = '<b>Impossible to continue the synchronization if you have duplicates in the User Account of Piwigo or FluxBB.</b><br/><br/>';
63$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_Link_Break'] = '<b>Analysis of repairable links between accounts in Piwigo and FluxBB</b>';
64$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_Link_Bad'] = '<b>Analysis of bad relationships between accounts in Piwigo and FluxBB</b>';
65$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_DataUser'] = '<b>Analysis of passwords and email addresses between accounts in Piwigo and FluxBB</b>';
66$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_PWG2FluxBB'] = '<b>Analysis of existing accounts in Piwigo and missing in FluxBB</b>';
67$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_FluxBB2PWG'] = '<b>Analysis of existing accounts in FluxBB and missing in Piwigo</b>';
68$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_OK'] = 'Synchronization OK<br/><br/>';
70$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_PWG_Dup'] = '<b>Audit of Piwigo\'s accounts table</b>';
71$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_PWG_Dup'] = '<b>Error in Piwigo\'s accounts table, there are duplicates:</b> ';
72$lang['Register_FluxBB_Advise_PWG_Dup'] = '<b>WARNING! You must make these corrections in Piwigo before continuing<br>use Piwigo\'s user manager to resolve the problem.</b>';
74$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_FluxBB_Dup'] = '<b>Audit of FluxBB\'s accounts table</b>';
75$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_FluxBB_Dup'] = '<b>Error in FluxBB\'s accounts table, there are duplicates:</b> ';
76$lang['Register_FluxBB_Advise_FluxBB_Dup'] = '<b>WARNING! You must make these corrections in FluxBB before continuing<br>use the icons to delete users from FluxBB and resolve the problem.</b>';
78$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_Link_Break'] = '<b>Audit of repairable links between Piwigo and FluxBB accounts</b>';
79$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Link_Break'] = '<b>Broken link between Piwigo and FluxBB accounts:</b> ';
80$lang['Register_FluxBB_New_Link'] = 'Account linked: ';
82$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_Link_Bad'] = '<b>Audit of bad links between Piwigo and FluxBB accounts</b>';
83$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Link_Del'] = '<b>Error in the link table between 2 users:</b> ';
84$lang['Register_FluxBB_Link_Del'] = 'Remove of link: ';
85$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Link_Dead'] = '<b>Error in the link table, dead links:</b> ';
86$lang['Register_FluxBB_Link_Dead'] = 'Remove of dead links ';
87$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Link_Dup'] = '<b>Error in the link table, there are duplicates:</b> ';
88$lang['Register_FluxBB_Link_Dup'] = 'Remove of duplicates ';
90$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_Synchro'] = '<b>Audit of the synchronization of passwords and email addresses between Piwigo and FluxBB accounts</b>';
91$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Synchro'] = '<b>Bad synchronization of account:</b> ';
92$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Synchro_Pswd'] = 'on password';
93$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_Synchro_Mail'] = 'on email address';
94$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_Synchro_OK'] = ' <b>: Data synchronization OK</b>';
95$lang['Register_FluxBB_Sync_User'] = 'Account synchronization : ';
97$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_PWG2FluxBB'] = '<b>Audit of the existing accounts in Piwigo and missing in FluxBB</b>';
98$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_PWG2FluxBB'] = '<b>The Piwigo account not in FluxBB:</b> ';
99$lang['Register_FluxBB_Add_User'] = 'Adding in FluxBB of account: ';
101$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_FluxBB2PWG'] = '<b>Audit of the existing accounts in FluxBB and missing in Piwigo</b>';
102$lang['Register_FluxBB_Error_FluxBB2PWG'] = '<b>The FluxBB account not in Piwigo:</b> ';
103$lang['Register_FluxBB_Del_User'] = 'Removal from FluxBB of account : ';
105$lang['Register_FluxBB_Audit_OK'] = 'Audit OK<br/><br/>';
107$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Btn'] = 'Migration';
108$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Title'] = 'Migration of accounts from Piwigo to FluxBB';
109$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Text'] = '
110  <b><u>!!! USE ONLY IF</u> you have never used the plugin to link Piwigo to FluxBB <u>AND IF</u> your forum is empty of users !!!</b><br/><br/>
111                --> In this case, your table [PrefixFluxBB]_user of FluxBB must be empty of any account except the 2 accounts guest and administrator.<br/><br/>
112  - The migration will first remove the links between accounts of Piwigo and FluxBB.<br/>
113  - Then <b>WILL DELETE ALL FluxBB ACCOUNTS</b> except the 2 accounts guest and administrator.<br/>
114  <br/>
115  <center><b>!!! WARNING IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL ACCOUNTS IN FluxBB == DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTION !!!</b></center><br/>
116  - Finally, the migration will create all Piwigo\'s accounts in FluxBB, except the guest.<br/>
117  <br/>
118  If errors occur during operation, correct the cause of the problem and retry the operation of migration (at the time only you can renew the migration).<br/>';
119$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Disclaimer'] = '<b><blink>!!! NEVER PERFORM MIGRATION FOR UPDATING !!!</blink></b>';
120$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Start'] = '<b>Migration of accounts from Piwigo to FluxBB</b>';
121$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Del_Link'] = '<b>Deleting links between accounts of Piwigo and FluxBB</b>';
122$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Del_AllUsers'] = '<b>Deleting FluxBB accounts</b>';
123$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Del_User'] = '<b>Deletion of the account:</b> ';
124$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Add_AllUsers'] = '<b>Transferring Piwigo accounts</b>';
125$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_Add_User'] = '<b>Transfer of account:</b> ';
126$lang['Register_FluxBB_Mig_End'] = '<b>Migration done !</b>';
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