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1This is a beta version!!!
4 General infos
7- When the plugin needs to create severall 1000 new thumbnails, it can happen, that it time outs.
8Just execute it again. It won't recreate thumbnails which already exist.
10- It doesn't create thumbnails of movies yet. Actually that's a bit complicated to do, since piwigo (for what ever reason)
11expects movies not to be in the pwg_high dir, but in the websized dir. So we'd also need to symlink the movie file itself.
13- If files or directories are deleted in the source directory, they won't be deleted in the piwigo gallery. (that would be about 1-3 lines of code to implement, if anybody wishes it ;-))
17 Get it working
20- adjust in synchronlizeLocaldirectory.php the variables "sync_source_dir" and "piwigo_gallery_dir"
21- enable the plugin in piwigo.
22- Then click in the piwigo administration on the menu entry: "plugins/synchronize local directory".
23- Now wait for a while. If there are a lot of images go and grab a beer and return later.
24- If you get a timeout. Click again on this entry. Until you don't get a timeout anymore but you get back to the admin screen.
25- Then use the piwigo "quick local synchronization" to add the new images to the database.
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