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1<!-- /charlie_quicktime.tpl -->
3 If you don't plan to play Quicktime files on your web site,
4 change player by the one you want
5 Based on documentation from
7{assign var="main_width" value="`$$by_style+$by_style`"}
8<div id="charlie" style="height: {$}px; width:{$main_width}px; padding-top: 0px; margin-top: 20px;">
9        <div class="{$curtain}_1" style="padding-left:{$by_style}px;">
10                <div class="{$curtain}_2" style="padding-right:{$by_style}px;">
11<object id="player" CLASSID="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" WIDTH="{$}" HEIGHT="{$}"
12        CODEBASE="">
13          {if ($Charlies.showplayer==1)}<param name="Controller" VALUE="true">{/if}
14          <param name="Type" VALUE="video/quicktime">
15          {if ($Charlies.autoload==1)}<param name="Autoplay" VALUE="true">{/if}
16          <param name="TargetCache" VALUE="true">
17          <param name="Cache" VALUE="true">
18          <param name="Target" VALUE="myself">
19          <param name="Src" VALUE="{$SRC_IMG}">
20          <param name="PluginsPage" VALUE="">
21    {if ($Charlies.loop==1)}<param name="Loop" VALUE="true">{/if}
22    <param name="Scale" VALUE="ToFit">
23          {if ($Charlies.volume!='')}<param name="Volume" VALUE="{$Charlies.volume}">{/if}
24<!--[if !IE]> <-->
25          <embed PluginsPage=""
26                        {if ($Charlies.showplayer==1)}Controller="true"{/if} Type="video/quicktime" {if ($Charlies.autoload==1)}Autoplay="true"{/if}
27                        TargetCache="true" Cache="true" id="embedplayer"
28                Target="myself" Src="{$SRC_IMG}"  WIDTH="{$}" HEIGHT="{$}"
29                {if ($Charlies.loop==1)}Loop="true"{/if} Scale="ToFit" {if ($Charlies.volume!='')}Volume="{$Charlies.volume}"{/if}>
30<!--> <![endif]-->
31</object> <!-- embed is needed for Opera and FireFox -->
32                </div>
33        </div>
36<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$CHARLIES_PATH|@cat:'charlies.css'}"> 
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