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version 1.0.14 - please refer to changelog for details

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1=== Grey Dragon Theme ===
2Grey Dragon Theme - a custom theme for Piwigo 2
4Tags: HTML 5, Bootstrap, Open Sans
6This theme was designed and built by Serguei Dosyukov
8Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Serguei Dosyukov
10Compatible: PW 2.6, 2.7
11Minimum requirement: PW 2.6.3
13This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
14Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
15WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more
16details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
1751 Franklin Street Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.
19=== Changelog ===
20version 1.0.14
21+ Hiding of photo counters extended to category menu
22+ Infos, Warnings and Errors message area moved into popup overlay. For Infos and Warnings message would be removed after 8 seconds. "Errors" is closed on click.
23+ ADMIN: Photo Metadata display mode can be switched between tabs with text/icon expanded or collapsed, text/icon with overlay, or hidden
24+ ADMIN: Added ChangeLog link in toolbar
25- ContactForm plugin: Fixed form styles to make page better aligned
26- ADMIN: Fixed issue when under some conditions config info could become corrupted
27- Deprecated events to populate page header - code moved into header template
28- Fixed missing div in photo page
29- Page layout HTML 5 validation of photo page
31version 1.0.13
32+ New colorpack - GreyDragon
33+ ADMIN: Added support for horizontal menu - "Static Menu - Header Bottom". When used with Additional Pages Plugin, pages except Root Page would be embeded into menu bar instead of drop down menu.
34+ ADMIN: Added option "Display navigation arrows" for Root page
35+ ADMIN: Added option "Display navigation controls" for Root page
36+ Added support for thumb shadow space - custom CSS is required (please refer to help section in admin area). Latest gdThumb is recomended.
37+ CSS: cleanup
38- Removed hardcoded height for root page slideshow to accomodate navigation controls
39- Fixed issues with Categories List overlapping when Static menu is enabled
40- In Phote page, hide overflow photo when huge size is used
42version 1.0.12
43+ ADMIN: JS is moved out page source into dedicated admin.js for better reusability
44- Fixed issue with active menu header not being highlighted in PWG 2.7
46version 1.0.11
47+ Full support for themeconf[colorscheme] implemented
48+ Removed use of background images in admin area to improve performance
49+ CSS: Enforce min width for admin area - 1270px to allow proper display of help section
50+ Admin: added help section for Advanced Options - Custom CSS with few samples
51+ Admin: new option for Root page - Adapt slideshow size to each photo, i.e. elastic mode
52- CSS: Removed overflow: visible for #theImage causing scroll bar to appear in some cases for image in photo page
53- CSS: Removed min-width for footer
55version 1.0.10
56+ Piwigo 2.7 compatible
57+ Removed use of local_head.tpl
58+ Added support for themeconf[colorscheme]
59- CSS: adjust background for image thumbs to match respective color packs when gdThumb is not installed
60- Admin: added auto-hide for Info messages (10 seconds)
62version 1.0.9 - first release
63+ Admin: "Admin Tools" plugin added as recommended
64+ Admin: "gdThumb" plugin added as recommended
65+ Admin: Recommended plugins are now linked to associated Piwigo Extensions pages
66+ Admin: New option - Hide About Link
67+ Admin: New option - Animate Menu
68+ Admin: If Header Text is not used, then global "Page banner" would be taken in consideration
69+ Admin: Site credits can be shown as text/icon or hidden
70+ Admin: New option - Include Contact Webmaster Email in the Footer for Members
71+ Admin: New option - Remove photo counter in breadcrumbs
72+ New colorpack - blackhawk
73+ CSS: If footer text is not used, footer would "collapse" into 1 line
74+ CSS: If neiter header text or logo is set, header would collapse
75+ CSS: Added box style for additional info box in albums and photo pages
76+ CSS: Info/Warning/Error message boxes are now take only space needed
77+ CSS: Pages impose min height for mid section to prevent layout "collapse" on load
78+ "My profile" link moved to the first position and would shows user's name instead
79+ Improvements to menu presentation and state handling
80+ Hide "administration" link in the footer if "Admin Tools" plugin is enabled
81+ Adds "Theme Config" option under "Administration" menu if "Admin Tools" plugin is enabled
82+ Major redesign of Menu handling. Static Menu is not allowed in Picture pages
83+ Added support for tab view for metadata and comments in Photo page. New Admin option: Default tab to be displayed
84- JS reorganizing
85- CSS clean up
86- Fixed issue when change to root page content was not detected causing misleading message in Admin area on Save
87- Fixed capitalization of "contact" link in footer.tpl
88- Fixed issue in IE when Admin Tools menu closes while trying to navigate
89- Fixed thumb positioning to center thumb image
90- Fixed issue when empty strings in settings would not be recognized as empty value
92version 1.0 build alpha 6
93+ CSS cleanup
94+ If Gallery Description left empty, space would not be allocated in the Root Page causing image to be centered
95+ New colorpack: whitehawk - White theme
97version 1.0 build alpha 5
98- Fixed issue with uninitialized variable when neither favicon or "no generator" are selected
100version 1.0 build alpha 4
101+ Admin: New option "Remove Piwigo Generator Meta Tag" which can be used along with "Show Site Credits"
102+ Admin: Added support to allow "lower case text" be optional
103+ Use of custom.css file is extended to take advantage of its flexibility and prevent dynamic inline CSS where applicable
104+ Changes to Info/Warning/Error messages colors to better match the theme
105+ Admin: More translation support added for theme options
106- Admin: Fixed issue when some default settings were not properly persisted causing improper application
107- Admin: Fixed issue with Smarty cache not being purged when some settings are applied.
108- During conversion to Bootstrap I broke use of font-based icons, it is now fixed (ex: comment collapse area)
110version 1.0 build alpha 3
111+ Major theme code refactoring. Theme logic is now "classified"
112+ Bootstrap CSS support introduced to alleviate browser dependencies.
113+ Theme's CSS is moved out of theme.css to ensure proper application
114+ Admin: Added option to enable debug mode
115+ Admin: Added option to reset theme settings
116+ Admin: Added check for required PW version and plugins
117+ Admin: Theme styling is extended to Theme's admin area
118- Admin: Removed option to suppress noindex for Robots (managed from PW
119- Admin: Fixed issue with quotes not stored properly in various fields
121version 1.0 build alpha 2
122+ Added support for Root Page settings. Requires Additional Pages Module
124version 1.0 build alpha 1
125+ initial release
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