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reduce technical level in information message about new video added

open the video in a new windows

3$lang['py_title'] = 'PYWaie GVideo';
4$lang['py_conf'] = 'Configuration';
5$lang['py_addvideo'] = 'Add a video';
6$lang['py_filename'] = 'Filename';
7$lang['py_url'] = 'URL of the video';
8$lang['py_parent'] = 'Main Category';
9$lang['py_thumb'] = 'Thumbnail';
10$lang['py_no_thumb'] = 'Pas de miniature';
11$lang['py_thumb_from_server'] = 'Upload thumbnail from server';
12$lang['py_thumb_from_user'] = 'Upload your own thumbnail:';
13$lang['py_add_band'] = 'Add bands on the sides of the thumbnail';
14$lang['py_thumb_resize'] = 'Resize the thumbnail';
15$lang['py_width'] = 'Width';
16$lang['py_height'] = 'Height';
17$lang['py_start'] = 'Start of the video';
18$lang['py_*'] = 'Obligatory field';
19$lang['py_autostart'] = 'Autostart';
20$lang['py_quality'] = 'Quality';
21$lang['py_playermode'] = 'Player Mode';
24// Infobulles
25$lang['pybulle_reference'] = "Paste here a linkpage of the video.<br>You can use GoogleVideo, YouTube, DailyMotion, Wideo, Vimeo or Wat. Examples:<br><br>-<br>-<br>-<br>-<br>-<br>-";
26$lang['pybulle_start'] = "Choose the starting point (in seconds) of the video.<br>This option can be use only with GoogleVideo.";
27$lang['pybulle_categorie'] = "Category where the file will be created: only real categories are listed. If you wanft to link this file to a virtual category, you have to link after.";
28$lang['pybulle_miniature'] = "You can get thumbnail back on the server. By default, thumbnails size are 320x240 on Google Video, 320x240 on Dailymotion, 130x97 on Youtube, 154x114 on Wideo and 200x150 on Vimeo.<br><br> Or you can upload your own thumbnail.<br><br> In both case, you can change dimension of thumbnail.";
30// Messages d'infos ou d'erreurs
31$lang['py_error1'] = 'No local site! Impossible to create a video file.';
32$lang['py_error2'] = 'Impossible to save. You do not fill correctly formulary.';
33$lang['py_error3'] = 'You must fill obligatory field *';
34$lang['py_error5'] = 'wrong URL!';
35$lang['py_error6'] = 'file "%s" is already exist.';
36$lang['py_error7'] = 'Impossible to write file "%s"';
37$lang['py_error8'] = 'please check if the directory %s have rights(chmod).';
38$lang['py_error9'] = 'Error when the thumbnail is uploaded or resized.';
39$lang['py_error11'] = 'A thumbnail with the same name already exists (%s)';
40$lang['py_error12'] = 'field thumbnail no filled : thumbnail not uploaded.';
41$lang['py_info2'] = 'thumbnail successfully uploaded';
42$lang['py_info3'] = 'Video successfully added';
43$lang['py_info4'] = 'Configuration saved.';
44$lang['py_show_file'] = '<a href="%s" class="externalLink">Show video</a>.';
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