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[LMT] feature 1294, feature 1295

  • Allow to open the licence page on a new page/tab when user clic on the licence hyperlink
  • Compatibility with theme 'montblanc'
3/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
4  This file was created by 'Translator r2.0.0-beta' plugin
6  **** Export informations
7  Export date       : 2009-04-30 22:59:49
8  Number of items   : 149
9    Number exported : 149
10  Exported by       : grum
12  **** File informations
13  Language          : English [ISO en_UK]
14  Charset           : utf-8
15  Type              : plugin
16  Name (Release)    : lmt (2.0.0-beta)
18  **** Export options
19  Items exported    : "ok"
20  Translator export : NO
21----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
24$lang['example'] = 'Display sample';
25$lang['lmt_action'] = 'Actions';
26$lang['lmt_add'] = 'Add';
27$lang['lmt_add_author'] = 'Add author';
28$lang['lmt_add_licence_ko'] = 'The license count not be applied to the selected items';
29$lang['lmt_add_licence_ok'] = 'The license has been applied to the selected items';
30$lang['lmt_add_to_caddie'] = 'Add the items in the caddie';
31$lang['lmt_apply'] = 'Apply';
32$lang['lmt_apply_do_clear'] = 'Apply the licence and empty the caddie';
33$lang['lmt_apply_do_clear_selected'] = 'Apply the licence and clear the selected items in the caddie';
34$lang['lmt_apply_do_nothing'] = 'Apply the licence and don\'t modify the caddie';
35$lang['lmt_author'] = 'Author';
36$lang['lmt_author_added'] = 'The author was added';
37$lang['lmt_author_deleted'] = 'The author was deleted';
38$lang['lmt_author_modified'] = 'The author was modified';
39$lang['lmt_author_nb_images_updated'] = 'images attached to this author have been updated';
40$lang['lmt_author_nfo'] = 'When the logo of a licence is placed on a viewed page, it\'s possible to specify the author who holds the rights.';
41$lang['lmt_author_one_image_updated'] = 'A picture attached to this author has been updated';
42$lang['lmt_author_title'] = 'List of authors';
43$lang['lmt_author_txt1'] = 'Text 1';
44$lang['lmt_author_txt2'] = 'Text 2';
45$lang['lmt_authoradd_title'] = 'Add author';
46$lang['lmt_authormodify_title'] = 'Edit author';
47$lang['lmt_bydefault'] = 'Apply the default licence';
48$lang['lmt_caddie_is_empty_please_fill_it'] = 'The application of a licence is made with the contents of the caddie. Unfortunately, it is empty ...';
49$lang['lmt_caddie_items'] = 'Items in caddie';
50$lang['lmt_caddie_not_updated'] = 'The basket could not be updated';
51$lang['lmt_caddie_updated'] = 'The caddie has been updated';
52$lang['lmt_cancel'] = 'Cancel';
53$lang['lmt_cannot_add_author'] = 'The author could not be added';
54$lang['lmt_cannot_delete_author'] = 'The author could not be deleted';
55$lang['lmt_cannot_modify_author'] = 'The author could not be changed';
56$lang['lmt_category'] = 'Category';
57$lang['lmt_cc-all'] = 'All licences';
58$lang['lmt_cc_url'] = '';
59$lang['lmt_cfg_licence_activated'] = 'Activate the licence management';
60$lang['lmt_cfg_licence_default'] = 'Choice of the licence applied by default';
61$lang['lmt_cfg_licence_default_author'] = 'Choice of author for the licence by default';
62$lang['lmt_cfg_licence_logo'] = 'Type of logo displayed';
63$lang['lmt_cfg_licence_visible'] = 'The licence is always displayed, even if it\'s a default licence';
64$lang['lmt_cfg_list_maxheight'] = 'Maximum height of lists';
65$lang['lmt_cfg_list_maxitems'] = 'Maximum number of items displayed';
66$lang['lmt_cfg_warning_link'] = 'Enable redirect';
67$lang['lmt_cfg_warning_texts'] = 'Footer text';
68$lang['lmt_cfg_warning_visible'] = 'View the license applied by default in the bottom of the page';
69$lang['lmt_choose_select'] = '&lt;Select&gt;';
70$lang['lmt_clear_caddie_ko'] = 'Caddie could not be purged';
71$lang['lmt_clear_caddie_ok'] = 'Caddie has been purged';
72$lang['lmt_clear_si_caddie_ko'] = 'Selected items could not be purged from the caddie';
73$lang['lmt_clear_si_caddie_ok'] = 'Selected items have been purged from the caddie';
74$lang['lmt_config'] = 'Settings';
75$lang['lmt_def_--'] = 'The work may be freely used, provided the award to its author by quoting his name';
76$lang['lmt_def_nc'] = 'The right holder may allow all types of use or to restrict the non-commercial use (commercial uses remain subject to permission).';
77$lang['lmt_def_nd'] = 'The right holder may continue to reserve the right to make such derivative works or to authorize in advance the changes, translations ...';
78$lang['lmt_def_sa'] = 'On the possibility of authorizing in advance the changes can superimpose the requirement for so-called derivative works to be offered to the public with the same freedoms (the same options under Creative Commons) that the work originates.';
79$lang['lmt_delete'] = 'Delete';
80$lang['lmt_display_config'] = 'Display options';
81$lang['lmt_do_save'] = 'Save settings';
82$lang['lmt_dontapply_do_clear_selected'] = 'Clear selected items from the caddie without applying the licence';
83$lang['lmt_error_on_image_author'] = 'A problem occurs when updating elements attached to the deleted author';
84$lang['lmt_four_way'] = 'The 4 principles';
85$lang['lmt_general_config'] = 'General options';
86$lang['lmt_general_text'] = '[logo=80x15]The media of this website are subject to copyright and, unless otherwise indicated, distributed under Creative Commons Licence [text=logo]';
87$lang['lmt_help'] = 'Help';
88$lang['lmt_help_config'][1] = 'Depending on the number of elements with a licence number or the number of items in your caddie, size of the display area will change. A display area too bogger can reduce the comfort of reading the page. <br> This parameter is used to force the maximum height of the display area.';
89$lang['lmt_help_config'][2] = 'Selects whether or not the management of licenses. Compared to completely disable the plugin, this option allows to disable the license management on the public part of the site while retaining the administration of the plugin actived.';
90$lang['lmt_help_config'][3] = 'This option will always display the licence of the element, even if the licence by default it is assigned. <br> If this option is not activated, the licence will be displayed only for elements with a particular licence.';
91$lang['lmt_help_config'][4] = 'This option allows you to select the licence will be applied by default to the elements for which no licence has been affected.';
92$lang['lmt_help_config'][5] = 'This option allows you to choose whether to display or not the licence by default on all pages (will be shown on the footer).';
93$lang['lmt_help_config'][6] = 'If enabled, the logo indicating the licence is a hyperlink redirecting the user to a page explaining in more detail the operating conditions of the item.';
94$lang['lmt_help_config'][7] = 'The license text displayed at the bottom of the page is changed according to your needs. <br> It is possible to view items in automatically: <br> <b>[logo=80x15]</b> insert the 80x15 logo of the default licence <br> <b>[logo=88x31]</b> insert the 88x31 logo of the default licence<br> <b>[logo=text]</b>insert the text of the default licence';
95$lang['lmt_help_config'][8] = 'This option allows you to select the author who will be assigned to the licence used by default.';
96$lang['lmt_help_config'][9] = 'This option allows you to choose the number of items displayed per page.';
97$lang['lmt_icon_80x15'] = '80x15 icon';
98$lang['lmt_icon_88x31'] = '88x31 icon';
99$lang['lmt_icon_text'] = 'Text';
100$lang['lmt_image'] = 'Image';
101$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-by'] = 'Attribution';
102$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-by-nc'] = 'Attribution, Non commercial';
103$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-by-nc-nd'] = 'Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivative Works';
104$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-by-nc-sa'] = 'Attribution, Non Commercial, Share Alike';
105$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-by-nd'] = 'Attribution, No Derivative Works';
106$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-by-sa'] = 'Attribution, Share Alike';
107$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-cleft'] = 'Copyleft';
108$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-cright'] = 'Copyright';
109$lang['lmt_lbl_cc-default'] = 'Licence by default';
110$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-by'] = 'Creative Commons BY';
111$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-by-nc'] = 'Creative Commons BY-NC';
112$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-by-nc-nd'] = 'Creative Commons BY-NC-ND';
113$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-by-nc-sa'] = 'Creative Commons BY-NC-SA';
114$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-by-nd'] = 'Creative Commons BY-ND';
115$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-by-sa'] = 'Creative Commons BY-SA';
116$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-cleft'] = 'Copyleft';
117$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-cright'] = '© Copyright';
118$lang['lmt_lbl_cc_s-default'] = ' - ';
119$lang['lmt_lbl_under-by'] = 'Published under license';
120$lang['lmt_lbl_under-by-nc'] = 'Published under license';
121$lang['lmt_lbl_under-by-nc-nd'] = 'Published under license';
122$lang['lmt_lbl_under-by-nc-sa'] = 'Published under license';
123$lang['lmt_lbl_under-by-nd'] = 'Published under license';
124$lang['lmt_lbl_under-by-sa'] = 'Published under license';
125$lang['lmt_lbl_under-cleft'] = 'Published under license';
126$lang['lmt_lbl_under-cright'] = '';
127$lang['lmt_lbl_under-default'] = '';
128$lang['lmt_licence'] = 'Licence';
129$lang['lmt_licence_config'] = 'Licences management';
130$lang['lmt_licence_to_apply'] = 'Choice of licence';
131$lang['lmt_list'] = 'Photos licensed';
132$lang['lmt_lst_apply_filter'] = 'Filter';
133$lang['lmt_lst_default_licence'] = 'The photos are by default published under the following licence';
134$lang['lmt_lst_nb_photos'] = 'photos';
135$lang['lmt_lst_special_licence'] = 'The following photos are published with a licence';
136$lang['lmt_manage'] = 'Managing assignments';
137$lang['lmt_manageaut'] = 'Manage authors';
138$lang['lmt_modify'] = 'Edit';
139$lang['lmt_name'] = 'Name';
140$lang['lmt_nav_first'] = 'First';
141$lang['lmt_nav_last'] = 'Last';
142$lang['lmt_nav_next'] = 'Next';
143$lang['lmt_nav_prev'] = 'Previous';
144$lang['lmt_nb_author_one'] = '1 author set';
145$lang['lmt_nb_author_zero'] = 'There is no author set';
146$lang['lmt_nb_authors'] = 'authors set';
147$lang['lmt_no_author'] = '&lt;No author&gt;';
148$lang['lmt_no_element_selected'] = 'There is no selected items !';
149$lang['lmt_no_text'] = 'No text is filled !';
150$lang['lmt_nofilter'] = 'All licences';
151$lang['lmt_official_website'] = 'The official Creative Commons website';
152$lang['lmt_redirect_config'] = 'Redirections';
153$lang['lmt_redirect_urls'] = 'URL redirects';
154$lang['lmt_release'] = 'r';
155$lang['lmt_replace_caddie'] = 'Purge caddie and add the elements';
156$lang['lmt_save_config'] = 'Configuration saved';
157$lang['lmt_select_all'] = 'All';
158$lang['lmt_select_invert'] = 'Reverse';
159$lang['lmt_select_none'] = 'None';
160$lang['lmt_six_licences'] = 'The 6 licences';
161$lang['lmt_title'] = 'Licence Management Tool';
162$lang['lmt_warning_config'] = 'Footer text management';
163$lang['lmt_warning_texts_help'] = '';
164$lang['lmt_way_--'] = 'Attribution';
165$lang['lmt_way_nc'] = 'No Commercial Use';
166$lang['lmt_way_nd'] = 'No Derivative';
167$lang['lmt_way_sa'] = 'Share Alike';
168$lang['lmt_whatisit'] = 'What is <i>Creative Commons?</i>';
169$lang['lmt_whatisit_def1'] = 'Creative Commons is a non profit organization that offers flexible contracts, free of copyright to distribute your creations. Applied to your photos (or other media you put online) these contracts allow anyone to use without having to systematically seek to obtain a permit.';
170$lang['lmt_whatisit_def2'] = 'There are 6 licenses which are based on 4 principles that define the conditions of use.';
171$lang['lmt_yesno_n'] = 'No';
172$lang['lmt_yesno_y'] = 'Yes';
175$lang["lmt_help_config"][10] = "If activated, the page pointed to by the hyperlink will open in a new window.";
176$lang["lmt_cfg_warning_target"] = "Force the page openning in a new window";
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