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[modus] Update ro_RO, thanks to : cheilenereinfo

3$lang['modus_theme'] = 'modus_theme';
4$lang['Explore'] = 'Exploreaza';
5$lang['%d album'] = '%d album';
6$lang['%d albums'] = '%d albume';
8$lang['Default size for thumbnails on high density display (retina)'] = 'Dimensiunea standard a pictogramelor pe ecran de inalta denstate (retina)';
9$lang['Use square thumbs'] = 'Foloseste pictograme patrate';
10$lang['Skin'] = 'Tema';
11$lang['Modus theme config'] = 'Configuratia temei Modus';
12$lang['Default sizes'] = 'Dimensiunile standard';
13$lang['Default size for thumbnails'] = 'Dimensiunea standard a pictogramelor';
14$lang['Album thumbnails'] = 'Pictogramele albumului';
15$lang['%d pixels'] = '%d pixeli';
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