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3$lang['lien_titre'] = 'Listen Music';
4$lang['lien_expl'] = 'Show a pop-up emdebed player';
6$lang['mp_evidence_title'] = 'Information';
7$lang['mp_evidence_txt'] = 'Gallery have a music player. Do you want to show it ?';
8$lang['mp_evidence_2'] = 'Remember it';
10$lang['mp_montre'] = 'Show playlists';
11$lang['mp_cache'] = 'Hide playlists';
13$lang['mp_send'] = 'Send';
14$lang['mp_need_help'] = "Need Help ?";
16$lang['mp_help_q1'] = "Where put mp3 ?";
17$lang['mp_help_q2'] = "I have added mp3 but i didn't find them in the playlist !";
18$lang['mp_help_q3'] = "What is about 'Show thumnbail in playlist' ?";
19$lang['mp_help_q4'] = "How does this plugin work ?";
20$lang['mp_help_q5'] = "How can i added distant mp3 or localised in others folders ?";
21$lang['mp_help_q6'] = "It's possible to add podcats ?";
22$lang['mp_help_q7'] = "I can't find answers here / I have some problemes";
23$lang['mp_help_q7'] = "New : you can restric the acces of the player";
25$lang['mp_help_div1'] = "Mp3 must be put into Music folder of the plugin like this \"[PWG folder]/plugins/music_player/music/[new playlist]/\". You should make your playlists order by artist (music/moby/go.pm3), or put artist's mane directly into file name (music/electro/moby-go.pm3)";
26$lang['mp_help_div2'] = "You do not update your playlist : So click on 2nd icon ('Manage music') near the playlist, then in final step, do 'Submit modifications'";
27$lang['mp_help_div3'] = "It is about thumbnail that you can insert (3rd icon ('Manage thumbnail') near the playlist";
28$lang['mp_help_div4'] = "This plugin allow to create and manage some playlists, personnalise music player and his pop-up.<br />
29To create a playlist :
30<br />- First of all, You need a folder /music in plugin folder. IMPORTANT !! (Free users you are not concerne by this following notice) /music folder must have all autorisations en write/read (chmod 777 or rwxrwxrwx).
31<br />- Then, you create another folder in /music which will contain mp3 and playlist with .xml extension. Be careful : folder's name is important : SO DO NOT USE SPECIALS CHARACTERES for the name of the folder
32<br />- Then click on 'Synchronise with /music' : folders in /music have been listed with mp3 files. Playlists with xml extension have been created with the same name of the folder.
33<br/>- reception of the form: it is used to have a small descriptive text which will be used as link to play the playlist, in the window of the player. Leave empty a field text and the playlsit concerned will not be recorded in data base
34<br/>- sending of the form and recording in data base: then you can add a miniature by upload or link: you can even directly send it by ftp with for name '[name of the file] .jpg'?
35<br /><br />
36To manage playlist :
37<br />- Click on 2nd icon near the playlist
38<br />- Then follow these steps : Dont forget the last one !";
39$lang['mp_help_div5'] = "Yes : For this go into the playlist of your choice and, on step two, add your file. Be careful : Even if mp3 is on the same server that this plugin, you need to write complete ardress with http://";
40$lang['mp_help_div6'] = "Yes : Since 1.3 a block for podcast and distant playlist have been added. Be careful  : playlist must be in Atom, Xspf (use by the plugin), or RSS format. (podcast are always RSS)";
41$lang['mp_help_div7'] = 'You can find support for the plugins here : <a href="">>';
42$lang['mp_help_div8'] = "New : you can restric the acces of the player. Indeed, if you create the group 'music_group', only the members of this group will be able to listen to the music. If it doesn't exist (the case on default),  everyone can acces to the player";
45$lang['mp_admin_leg'] = 'Playlist manager';
46$lang['mp_admin_tt_synchro'] = 'Synchronise with /music folder';
47$lang['mp_admin_folder'] = 'Folder';
48$lang['mp_admin_nm_pl'] = 'Name of the playlist';
49$lang['mp_admin_nm_edit'] = 'Edit name';
50$lang['mp_admin_pl'] = 'Manage music';
51$lang['mp_admin_min'] = 'Manage thumbnail';
52$lang['mp_admin_leg1'] = 'Podcast (RSS) or distant playlist';
54$lang['mp_admin_leg2'] = 'Option of the plugin';
55$lang['mp_admin_2_opt1'] = 'Revealed plugin with a bloc in the Menubar ';
56$lang['mp_admin_2_opt2'] = 'Show the "header"';
57$lang['mp_admin_2_opt3'] = 'Show the "footer", copyright';
58$lang['mp_admin_2_opt4'] = 'Pop_up';
59$lang['mp_admin_2_opt4_1'] = 'height';
60$lang['mp_admin_2_opt4_2'] = 'width';
62$lang['mp_admin_leg3'] = 'Option of the player';
63$lang['mp_admin_3_opt1_1'] = 'total height';
64$lang['mp_admin_3_opt1_2'] = 'total width';
65$lang['mp_admin_3_opt2_1'] = 'height of the playlist';
66$lang['mp_admin_3_opt2_2'] = "[Info : If thumbnail is turn on, the height of the playslist and 20 px of the bar, is equal to the total height.]";
67$lang['mp_admin_3_opt3_1'] = 'Show thumbnail of the playlist';
68$lang['mp_admin_3_opt3_2'] = 'width of the thumbnail';
69$lang['mp_admin_3_opt3_3'] = "[Info :If thumbnail is turn on and if her width is < of total width, so thumbnail will show on the left (by default).] ";
70$lang['mp_admin_3_opt4'] = 'Read music randomly';
71$lang['mp_admin_3_opt5'] = 'Repeat playlist when is finished';
72$lang['mp_admin_3_opt6'] = 'Read this playslit at the beginning';
73$lang['mp_admin_3_opt7'] = "Run automatically of the playlist (no sidebar)";
76$lang['mp_adm_envoi_1'] = 'Description of';
77$lang['mp_adm_envoi_2'] = 'contains';
79$lang['mp_adm_return'] = 'Back to playlists';
80$lang['mp_adm_return_2'] = 'Back to the playlist';
82$lang['mp_adm_edit_1'] = 'Descriptio text';
83$lang['mp_adm_edit_2'] = 'Playlist';
84$lang['mp_adm_edit_3'] = 'Synchronise the playlist';
86$lang['mp_ou'] = 'OR';
87$lang['mp_adm_info_img'] = "(add a new image erase the old one)";
89$lang['mp_adm_suppr_1'] = 'What do you want to do  ?';
90$lang['mp_adm_suppr_2'] = 'Delete playlist of the data base only (With le next syncronisation, she will be create again) ';
91$lang['mp_adm_suppr_3'] = 'Delete playlist of the data base, AND the folder (mp3 ,xml files will be erased)';
94$lang['mp_msg_suppr1'] = 'Folder deleted successfully';
95$lang['mp_msg_suppr2'] = 'Error : folder not deleted';
96$lang['mp_msg_suppr3'] = 'Data base deleted succesfully';
97$lang['mp_msg_edit1'] = 'Edit OK';
98$lang['mp_msg_edit2'] = "Playlist updated !";
99$lang['mp_msg_edit3'] = "row  modified !";
100$lang['mp_msg_edit4'] = "Remove from the data base  :";
101$lang['mp_msg_edit5'] = "Remove from :";
103$lang['mp_adm_etape_1'] = "First step (optional)";
104$lang['mp_adm_et1_txt'] = "You have added ou removed some mp3 files ib the folder ? If Yes, you have to syncronise to the data base:";
105$lang['mp_adm_etape_2'] = "2nd step (optionnal)";
106$lang['mp_adm_et2_txt'] = "Add distant mp3. ";
107$lang['mp_adm_et2_nbr'] = "Number of added : ";
108$lang['mp_adm_et2_rg'] = "Insert a row : ";
109$lang['mp_adm_et2_rg2'] = "(if empty, bottom of the playlist)";
110$lang['mp_adm_etape_3'] = "3rd step !";
111$lang['mp_adm_thead1'] = "NAME";
112$lang['mp_adm_thead2'] = "URL";
113$lang['mp_adm_thead3'] = "UP";
114$lang['mp_adm_thead4'] = "DOWN";
115$lang['mp_adm_thead5'] = "Change the url/name";
116$lang['mp_adm_thead6'] = "Delete";
117$lang['mp_adm_etape_4'] = "4th step !";
118$lang['mp_adm_et4_txt'] = "Make a playlist .xml";
119$lang['mp_adm_et4_ok'] = "Submit modifications";
121$lang['mp_adm_ed_sup_ok'] = "Are you sure ?";
122$lang['mp_adm_ed_sup_info'] = "If it is a file of '/music' folder, it will be deleted  : in other case, only data base entry will be deleted.";
125$lang['mp_msg_err_aj1'] = "Error : field url empty";
126$lang['mp_msg_err_aj2'] = "Error : field text empty";
129$lang['mp_msg_admin1'] = 'No added';
130$lang['mp_msg_admin_3_1'] = 'File';
131$lang['mp_msg_admin_3_2'] = 'Created';
132$lang['mp_msg_admin_4'] = 'Add from';
133$lang['mp_msg_admin_5'] = 'Configuration of music player saved';
134$lang['mp_msg_admin_6'] = 'Configuration of the plugin saved';
136$lang['mp_uploadimg_ok'] = 'Picture saved';
137$lang['mp_linkimg_ok'] = 'Picture saved';
138$lang['mp_info_min']="[ The thumbnail is optional. ]";
140$lang['mp_text_no_autorisation']="You are not allowed to listen music ! Please contact the webmaster to know why, and maybe to be allow";
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