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  • Piwigo 2.1 compliance
  • Multiple database support
  • Improving the display of plugin's name
  • Property svn:eol-style set to LF
2global $lang;
4$lang['HIPE_description'] = 'This plugin allows to exclude from the history and statistics of IP or IP ranges. <br>Its activation blocks record in the table of IP *_history specified in the table below.';
5$lang['HIPE_admin_section1'] = 'IP Exclusion';
6$lang['HIPE_admin_description1'] = 'Enter the complete IP or IP ranges to exclude (one per line) in the box below. To specify an IP range, use the wildcard character "%".<br>Example : or 74.6.%';
7$lang['HIPE_save_config']='Configuration saved.';
8$lang['HIPE_CleanHist']='Clean History';
10$lang['HIPE_admin_section2'] = 'Queries on history table';
11$lang['HIPE_admin_section3'] = 'Result of the historic request';
12$lang['HIPE_IPByMember'] = 'IPs by member';
13$lang['HIPE_IPByMember_description'] = 'Show the IPs used by members, sorted by IP';
14$lang['HIPE_OnlyGuest'] = 'Only Guests IPs';
15$lang['HIPE_OnlyGuest_description'] = 'Show the IPs only used by Guests and the number of times it\'s found in the history table, sorted by the number of times';
16$lang['HIPE_IPnoGuest'] = '';
17$lang['HIPE_IPnoGuest_description'] = '';
19$lang['HIPE_IPForMember'] = 'IPs for a member';
20$lang['HIPE_IPForMember_description'] = 'Search and displays the IPs associated with a registered user (sorted by IP)';
21$lang['HIPE_MemberForIp'] = 'Members for one IP';
22$lang['HIPE_MemberForIp_description'] = 'Search and display users attached to one IP (sorted by name)';
24$lang['HIPE_resquet_ok'] = 'Request OK.';
25$lang['HIPE_hist_cleaned'] = 'Cleaning of the history table done.';
27$lang['IP_geolocalisation'] = 'Geolocalisation';
29// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.1.0
30$lang['HIPE_version'] = ' - Version: ';
31// --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.1.0
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