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3$lang['R_MAP'] = "Right panel configuration";
4$lang['DISPLAY'] = "Display configuration";
5$lang['SHOWLOCATION'] = "Display location map";
6$lang['SHOWLOCATION_DESC'] = "Show a map on right panel on picture page.";
7$lang['ADD_BEFORE'] = "Add location before";
8$lang['ADD_BEFORE_DESC'] = "Where to display the location information.";
9$lang['HEIGHT'] = "Map height";
10$lang['HEIGHT_DESC'] = "in px";
11$lang['ZOOM'] = "Zoomlevel";
12$lang['ZOOM_DESC'] = "1: far away, 18: very close";
13$lang['RIGHTLINK'] = "Name of the location header";
14$lang['RIGHTLINK_DESC'] = "Type the name to display on top of the map.";
15$lang['RIGHTLINKCSS'] = 'Custom CSS';
16$lang['RIGHTLINKCSS_DESC'] = 'Custom CSS style to apply to the location header.';
17$lang['SHOWOSM'] = "Display 'View on OpenStreetMap'";
18$lang['SHOWOSM_DESC'] = "Add a link after the map to view it on OpenStreetMap.";
20$lang['L_MAP'] = "Left menu configuration";
21$lang['SHOWWORLDMAPLEFT'] = "Add a world map menu on the left";
22$lang['SHOWWORLDMAPLEFT_DESC'] = 'Show a world map menu on the left menu, will display all the images in the gallery.';
23$lang['LEFTLINK'] = "World map menu name";
24$lang['LEFTLINK_DESC'] = "Type the name of the link to show on the left menu.";
25$lang['LEFTPOPUP'] = "Show popup";
26$lang['LEFTPOPUP_DESC'] = 'Show a popup window if you click on the pin.';
27$lang['CLICK'] = "show on click";
28$lang['ALWAYS'] = "show immediately";
29$lang['NEVER'] = "no popup";
30$lang['LEFTPOPUPINFO'] = "Select the popup content";
31$lang['LEFTPOPUPINFO_DESC'] = "Choose what to display in the popup";
32$lang['POPUPNAME'] = "Name of the image";
33$lang['POPUPTHUMB'] = "Thumbnail of the image";
34$lang['POPUPLINK'] = "Add a link to image";
35$lang['POPUPCOMMENT'] = "Comment of the image";
36$lang['POPUPAUTHOR'] = "Author of the image";
38$lang['G_MAP'] = "Map configuration";
39$lang['BASELAYER'] = "Map style";
40$lang['BASELAYER_DESC'] = "Mapnik is the default style of OpenStreetMap.";
41$lang['CUSTOMBASELAYER'] = "Custom map style";
42$lang['CUSTOMBASELAYER_DESC'] = 'Only if \'custom\' is selected as map style. Who delivers the map style (tiles)?';
43$lang['CUSTOMBASELAYERURL'] = "Tile server URL";
44$lang['CUSTOMBASELAYERURL_DESC'] = 'Only if \'custom\' is selected as map style. Example:{z}/{x}/{y}.png';
45$lang['NOWORLDWARP'] = "No Worldwarp";
46$lang['NOWORLDWARP_DESC'] = "Normally the world will continue to the left and the right. This option restricts the view to 'one world'.";
47$lang['ATTRLEAFLET'] = "Show library note";
48$lang['ATTRLEAFLET_DESC'] = 'Shows attribution of the used JavaScript library for interactive \'Leaflet\' maps.';
49$lang['ATTRIMAGERY'] = "Show map style";
50$lang['ATTRIMAGERY_DESC'] = "Shows the used map style.";
51$lang['ATTRPLUGIN'] = "Show author note";
52$lang['ATTRPLUGIN_DESC'] = "I created this plugin. :)";
54$lang['H_PIN'] = "Pin configuration";
55$lang['PIN'] = "Select pin";
56$lang['PIN_DESC'] = 'Select the last option if you want to use your own.';
57$lang['OWNPIN'] = "own (custom style)";
58$lang['NOPIN'] = "no pin";
59$lang['DEFAULTPIN'] = "default";
60$lang['PINPATH'] = "Own pin (custom style)";
61$lang['PINPATH_DESC'] = "Path to your pin (only if 'own' is selected).";
62$lang['PINSIZE'] = "Pin size";
63$lang['PINSIZE_DESC'] = "Dimensions of the picture in px. The delimiter is 'x'. Example: '24x24'";
64$lang['PINSHADOWPATH'] = "Shadow";
65$lang['PINSHADOWPATH_DESC'] = 'Path to your pin\'s shadow image.';
66$lang['PINSHADOWSIZE'] = "Shadow size";
67$lang['PINSHADOWSIZE_DESC'] = "Dimensions of the picture in px. The delimiter is 'x'. Example: '24x24'";
68$lang['PINOFFSET'] = "Pin point offset";
69$lang['PINOFFSET_DESC'] = 'The position on the pin image, where the pin hits the map. 0x0 is the top-left corner. Example: crosshairs = center of the image';
70$lang['PINPOPUPOFFSET'] = "Popup offset";
71$lang['PINPOPUPOFFSET_DESC'] = 'The position on the pin image, where the popup hits the pin. 0x0 is the pin point.';
73$lang['POWERBY'] = 'Powered by';
74$lang['IMAGERYBY'] = "Imagery by";
75$lang['PLUGINBY'] = "Plugin by";
77$lang['LATITUDE'] = 'Latitude';
78$lang['LONGITUDE'] = 'Longitude';
79$lang['EDIT_MAP'] = 'Map';
80$lang['EDIT_UPDATE_LOCATION_DESC'] = 'Click inside the map to update location.';
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