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3$lang['HTML5'] = 'HTML5 video tag settings';
4$lang['PRELOAD'] = 'Preload';
5$lang['PRELOAD_DESC'] = 'The preload attribute informs the browser whether or not the video data should begin downloading as soon as the video tag is loaded.';
6$lang['CONTROLS'] = 'Controls';
7$lang['CONTROLS_DESC'] = 'The controls option sets whether or not the player has controls that the user can interact with';
8$lang['AUTOPLAY'] = 'Autoplay';
9$lang['AUTOPLAY_DESC'] = 'If autoplay is true, the video will start playing as soon as page is loaded (without any interaction from the user). NOT SUPPORTED BY APPLE iOS DEVICES.';
10$lang['LOOP'] = 'Loop';
11$lang['LOOP_DESC'] = 'The loop attribute causes the video to start over as soon as it ends.';
13$lang['PLUGIN'] = 'Plugin settings';
14$lang['SKIN'] = 'Skin';
15$lang['SKIN_DESC'] = 'Select the style you want to apply to the player.';
16$lang['CUSTOMCSS'] = 'Custom CSS';
17$lang['CUSTOMCSS_DESC'] = 'Custom CSS to copy paste from the VideoJS website.';
18$lang['WIDTH'] = 'Max Width';
19$lang['WIDTH_DESC'] = 'The max width attribute sets the display width of the video, if higher it is divide by 2.';
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