source: extensions/stripped/language/en_UK/theme.lang.php @ 11982

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version 1.4.4 : new option to select default tab to be displayed

3$lang['Show/hide menu'] = 'Show/hide menu';
4$lang['Description'] = 'Description';
5$lang['Information'] = 'Information';
6$lang['GMap'] = 'Map';
8$lang['Interface options']='Interface options';
9$lang['Hide menu by default on category page']='Hide menu by default on category page';
10$lang['Animate menu']='Animate menu';
11$lang['Animate tabs on picture page']='Animate tabs on picture page';
12$lang['Replace all icons by ALT text']='Replace all icons by ALT text';
13$lang['Force text to lowercase']='Force text to lowercase';
14$lang['Show thumbnail caption']='Show thumbnail caption';
15$lang['Picture page options']='Picture page options';
16$lang['Show image title on top of the page (after browse path)']='Show image title on top of the page (after browse path)';
17$lang['Show description instead of title below image']='Show description instead of title below image';
18$lang['Use arrows instead of navigation thumbnails']='Use arrows instead of navigation thumbnails';
19$lang['Show Information tab only to admins']='Show Information tab only to admins';
20$lang['Image autosize options']='Image autosize options';
21$lang['Resize image to fit window']='Resize image to fit window';
22$lang['Include title after resize']='Include title after resize';
23$lang['Additional bottom margin after resize']='Additional bottom margin after resize';
24$lang['Minimum image height after resize']='Minimum image height after resize';
25$lang['stripped Configuration updated']='stripped Configuration updated';
26$lang['Default tab to be displayed']='Default tab to be displayed';
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