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1-- initial configuration for Piwigo
3INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('nb_comment_page','10','number of comments to display on each page');
4INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('log','false','keep an history of visits on your website');
5INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('comments_validation','false','administrators validate users comments before becoming visible');
6INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('comments_forall','false','even guest not registered can post comments');
7INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('user_can_delete_comment','false','administrators can allow user delete their own comments');
8INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('user_can_edit_comment','false','administrators can allow user edit their own comments');
9INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('email_admin_on_comment_edition','false','Send an email to the administrators when a comment is modified');
10INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('email_admin_on_comment_deletion','false','Send an email to the administrators when a comment is deleted');
11INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('gallery_locked','false','Lock your gallery temporary for non admin users');
12INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('gallery_title','Piwigo demonstration site','Title at top of each page and for RSS feed');
13INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('gallery_url','','URL given in RSS feed');
14INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('rate','true','Rating pictures feature is enabled');
15INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('rate_anonymous','true','Rating pictures feature is also enabled for visitors');
16INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('page_banner','<h1>Piwigo demonstration site</h1><p>My photos web site</p>','html displayed on the top each page of your gallery');
17INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('history_admin','false','keep a history of administrator visits on your website');
18INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('history_guest','true','keep a history of guest visits on your website');
19INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('allow_user_registration','true','allow visitors to register?');
20INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('nbm_send_html_mail','true','Send mail on HTML format for notification by mail');
21INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('nbm_send_mail_as','','Send mail as param value for notification by mail');
22INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('nbm_send_detailed_content','true','Send detailed content for notification by mail');
23INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('nbm_complementary_mail_content','','Complementary mail content for notification by mail');
24INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('nbm_send_recent_post_dates','true','Send recent post by dates for notification by mail');
25INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('email_admin_on_new_user','false','Send an email to theadministrators when a user registers');
26INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('email_admin_on_comment','false','Send an email to the administrators when a valid comment is entered');
27INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('email_admin_on_comment_validation','false','Send an email to the administrators when a comment requires validation');
28INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('email_admin_on_picture_uploaded','false','Send an email to the administrators when a picture is uploaded');
29INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('obligatory_user_mail_address','false','Mail address is obligatory for users');
30INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('c13y_ignore',null,'List of ignored anomalies');
31INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('upload_link_everytime','false','Show upload link every time');
32INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('upload_user_access',2 /*ACCESS_CLASSIC*/,'User access level to upload');
33INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('extents_for_templates','a:0:{}','Actived template-extension(s)');
34INSERT INTO piwigo_config (param,value,comment) VALUES ('blk_menubar','','Menubar options');
36INSERT INTO piwigo_themes (id) VALUES ('Sylvia');
37INSERT INTO piwigo_themes (id) VALUES ('clear');
38INSERT INTO piwigo_themes (id) VALUES ('dark');
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