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1<h2>Remote sites</h2>
3<p>Piwigo offers the possibility to use several servers to store the photos which will fill your gallery. It can be useful if your gallery is installed on a server with limited space and you have a huge number of images to display.</p>
6  <li>Edit the file <span class="filename">tools/</span>, by modifying the parameters section such as <code>$conf['prefix_thumbnail']</code> or <code>$conf['use_exif']</code>.</li>
7  <li>Using FTP, place the files <span class="filename">tools/create_listing_file.php</span> and <span class="filename">tools/</span> (modified) on your remote website, in the same directory as your album directories (as the directory <span class="filename">galleries</span> of this website). For example, let's say that you can access <span class="filename"></span>.</li>
8  <li>Go to Administration &raquo; Tools &raquo; Site manager. Create a new site, for example <span class="filename"></span>.</li>
9  <li>A new remote site is registered. You can perform 4 actions:
10    <ol>
11      <li><strong>Generate listing:</strong> launches a remote request to generate a remote file listing</li>
12      <li><strong>Synchronise:</strong> reads the remote <span class="filename">listing.xml</span> file and synchronises with database information</li>
13      <li><strong>Clean:</strong>removes remote <span class="filename">listing.xml</span> file</li>
14      <li><strong>Delete:</strong> deletes the site (and all related albums and photos) in the databas</li>
15    </ol>
16  </li>
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